Another Sappy Love Poem

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The title says it all.... sorta.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



In all my seconds, hours, and daze,

love seems to become a glorious haze.

From one to another, and yet one more,

how many poems coming in store?

Every glance he made,

Every thought he bade,

Every laugh he smiled,

Ever feeling he riled.

Different boys went and came,

many faces and many names.

Each with poems of their own,

Each one I worked down to the bone.

And yet another comes to pace,

the current first in my race.

So I guess the turn is his, his right,

another poem I will write.

He'll be the light dancing in the skies,

as beatiful as mother's lullaby.

He'll have the spark in his eye,

He'll never be afraid to cry.

How can I capture him so crystal clear,

as he is quite far from here.

Why can't we just talk?

No, not on a long, sunset filled walk.

But, maybe a dialouge or two,

Then again, a million would be far to few.

I want to know what makes you tick,

did you and I feel the same click?

What do you truly think,

should my pride begin to shrink?

I want a friendship, that is true.

So maybe something good may start anew.

Though we are never too far apart,

as he has a space within my heart.

But honestly, is it the truth?

Can my poem be his very proof?

Maybe the fog, which is my haze,

causes my eyes to glaze.

Maybe he has another,

another girl, another lover.

How I am to pass the test,

if I cannot stand before the rest?

He does not think, he doesn't no,

that this girl here, cares for him so.

So, here it will forever lie,

just a mere, very distant cry.

He cannot know, not now, not ever.

My thought of the two of us together.

So while feelings may wash away, ever gone,

atleast the sappy love poem will lives forever on.


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