The Hard Truth About Fairytales

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Sometimes one has to realize that the life they feel they should live is one that can never happen. People are not always the courageous hero or dashing prince or "fairest of them all". The world's ugly and full of hate. Sometimes you don't live the life you please.

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



I guess I'm quite the romantic.

in love, I suppose, and in life.

I always wish for great things to happen, for life to be lived quite fantastically,

full of angst, full of strife.

I guess a life can't have all have a happy endings,

it may have some to spare.

I guess it'll equal out of all the failings.

It hurts to much to care.

A world in which one couldn't lose another,

you could hold them forever.

A world where goodness means

"happily ever after".

The hero lives,

the dragons slayed.

The whole town starts singing,

they throw a parade.


But life isn't like that,

it's sorry but true.

Endings aren't always an

"I love you."

In fact, they're more 

"Who are you again?"

and you lose many people

even close friends. 

The world is bigger than one could imagine.

There's hate.

There's lies.

Tragedy happens.

The hero dies slow and hard.

The dragons burn every yard.

The whole town's killed without a thought.

And there's the ending to the plot.


I guess I must think the same as you,

A fairytale life can never come true.

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