With a Glance

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Have you ever met someone, and know they were just different?

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



My days were bleak and black,

my thoughts were on a care.

And I kinda had this knack,

of doing an empty stare.

Then one new autumn day,

something must've been in the air.

A stranger suddenly passed my way.

Normally, I wouldn't care.

But something new had come,

different were its ways.

In truth I thought that I was done,

the sun had lost its rays.

But I stood in just a quiet shock, 

one I hadn't know before.

On you, my eyes forever locked,

on walking through that door.

I had not heard a single word,

I had but one breif glance.

The thought itself was absurd,

one never had such a chance.

And yet something of your air

gave me just a start.

You were different, and I didn't care,

that moment I gave you my heart.

You didn't speak a single word,

and yet, how did I fall?

and I turned the corner once again,

and leaned upon that wall.

Who was this upon I laid my sight?

Who was I to blame?

I just wish I just might

know if you felt the same.

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