The Phone that did not Ring

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There are many flaws and criticisms that fill up the world, one of them being the advocacy for expediency. This story serves to show the dangers behind the fallacy and the possible results that can arise from that very advocacy.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011





“Just sign this here and you will get a chance to win a Ferrari,” the businessman in black suite told me. “It’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is sign this paper and you might be the lucky winner of a Ferrari. Hot women will want you and fellow guys will want to be you. With this form, you would be able to change your life.” The waiver form was shaking rapidly in his hand, tempting me a little by little. One more push and I would take the bait. “Just imagine yourself riding down the high way in your sweet Ferrari. Picture the people driving around you in their normal SUV’s and minivans staring at your car in jealousy.”

“I want it. Here, give me the paper.” I quickly snatched the paper from his hand and started scribbling my name. There was probably a fine print somewhere in that waiver form, but feeling that everything would be okay if I won the Ferrari, I signed it with ecstasy. I could already smell the new leather seat, feel the breeze against my face and see the gorgeous woman sitting next to me. That was life.

“Okay, thank you for participating in this contest. The results will be out in two weeks or so. Could you write down your contact information on this form? If you become the lucky winner, we need a way to contact you as soon as possible.” I wrote down my home phone number, cell phone, and even a work number; I could not wait until that sweet baby became mine. The guy in the black suite checked the waiver form again for validity before leaving to find more participants. Ferrari, here I come.

I went out the supermarket with two plastic bags full of groceries. In two weeks, I would get to trash my seven year old Hyundai Grandeur and replace it with a sweet, new baby. This week along with the next was going to become a long one. I drove out of my parking spot and headed home feeling superb.


There is nothing I can do to make the phone ring. I have been sitting in front of the phone the ever since four in the morning and nothing. I couldn’t sleep. It was way too exciting! I can’t wait any longer. Why isn’t the phone ringing? Is it broken? Or maybe I didn’t win the Ferrari. No, that can’t be. It’s just impossible. Come on! Why is it taking so long? I can’t wait the whole day. Last two weeks have been tormenting. I couldn’t focus at work and nothing went smoothly. Everything would get twisted and I would end up feeling dirty and annoyed. It’s okay though because once my Ferrari arrives, all the stress will be eradicated. I just hope it comes quickly. I don’t think I can wait any longer. It’s just impossible. Once I get my Ferrari I think I’m going to go out on a drive and show off my new car to everyone in my neighborhood. All the hot women would come chasing me and my Ferrari. That’s guaranteed to happen. It is just meant to happen; it is the will of the god. I’m getting impatient. Why isn’t the phone ringing?


I can’t believe I didn’t get a phone call.


Bringgg Bringgg “Hello?”

“Is this Mr. Dumfarht?”

“Yes, it is I. Can I help you?”

“I am calling you to remind you that your credit card limit is set to 10,000 dollars a month and that you have used up all your money for this month. If you want to m….”

“WHAT! What do you mean I used up all my money. The last time I checked, my balance was at 1,700 dollars. I didn’t use my money after that.”

“Well I am sorry to inform you but the record says that you have used 10,000 dollars this month. I am just telling you that if you want to increase your limit, you can tell me now and I’ll execute your order right this instant.”

“I’m telling you, I did not spend the money! I did not S-P-E-N-D the MONEY!”


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The Phone that did not Ring

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