I Bleed

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Leah hides her emotions from the world. She fears being judged and known as an outcast. Josh struggles in life, he needs to find a way out.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



She sits silently, tapping her pen against her worn out desk. A light shines suddenly in the corner of her room. Most likely a new text from a friend. Leah sighs deeply and goes back to finishing off her homework. Maths is not an easy subject for her. She struggles to keep up in class and often becomes nervous when entering the classroom in fear of not understanding the work set for the day. Sometimes things get so bad that she simply cannot see a way around her problems. A knife and some tissues are all she needs. How can a girl so young, so innocent feel the need to scar her skin just to solve her problems. Of course nothing ever becomes better. The more she hurts herself, the more she'll get use to the pain. New scars appearing on her legs and arms everyday, tissues constantly being drenched in blood. Leah gave up wearing skirts and dresses at the age of 13. Also the age she picked up a knife for the first time. She keeps telling herself that she isn't worth it, that what she's doing to herself is the right thing. Nobody needs her around, nobody cares about her scars. Hell, she's so insecure and self conscious that nobody has time for her. Leah isn't the type to talk to new people, she's adamant that people will judge her. Behind the fake smile she presents every day is a dying little girl. Depression constantly eats away at her and nobody even realizes it.

''Have you done your homework?'' The teacher props herself on the chair next to Leah's. She stares at her, waiting for a response from the quiet girl. Leah's eyes fill to the brim with salty tears, her hands begin to shake and the room suddenly becomes 10 times hotter than it originally was.

''No I haven't.'' She knows she's in the wrong. It's not the first time the brown haired girl has forgotten her homework. It's not that she can't be bothered to do it, it's the fact that she doesn't understand it. The teacher raises an eyebrow slightly whilst taking a deep breath. Her voice comes out strained as she begins to lecture the terrifed girl.

''Leah, you never do your homework. Do you enjoy making me angry? It wasn't even hard. This is the last straw, detention after school on Thursday. Your parents will be notified.'' The shy girl nods ever so slightly before lowering her head and allowing a few tears to slip down her rosey cheeks. She tries to hide the pain she's feeling. Her vision becomes blury and her lips tremble. A few people snort and laugh around her. One boy stares at her as she attempts to hide her face from the class. He shows no sign of laughter or amusement, just pure pity for the girl. His face saddens as he takes in her appearance. She has light brown hair which has the smallest trace of red in it. From previous encounters with the girl, he knows her eyes are a bright blue. She smiles a lot, but it never reaches her eyes. The sadness is clear to those who pay attention to her.

''Haha, Leah has detention'' One girl shouts from the front of the class causing a loud giggle to erupt from many students. Leah tries her hardest to block out the world. The only thoughts in her head are of the knife sitting on her desk at home. She'd like nothing more than to hide in her room, alone, and just let her emotions out.

''Is the little girl crying?'' Says a red headed boy. A few people can be heared taking the piss out of Leah. They fake screams and sniffles, a handful pretend to cry like a baby. No longer being able to block out the sounds, she get's up and runs from the classroom. Where she's headed, she doesn't know.

''You're all assholes you know that?'' Josh, the boy who was studying Leah earlier shouts. The majority of the class continue to laugh whilst a handful stare at him. He packs his things away and heads out of the classroom determind to find Leah. He isn't sure where to go, but continues running.

''How can one girl run so far in such a short amount of time?'' The blond haired boy mutters to himself. He'd like nothing more than to comfort her right now. Josh knows how she is feeling, he's been in the same situation as her. Most days he skips class just to go out into the forest to be alone. Depression tends to bring him down. He's tired of being bullied and judged.

Leah tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as she collapses to the floor in a heap and sobs loudly. She tries to breathe but it seems as though her lungs have given up on her. Leah brings her legs up to her chest and cradles her self. The tears continue to slide down her cheeks but she can't be bothered to wipe them away. The wind blows furiously around her, blowing her hair in all directions. She shivers slightly but doesn't attempt to move. The forest floor is cold and sticks are digging into her body. The pain does nothing but numb her. Giving up is the only option left for her, right now she wouldn't mind dying.

Josh finds her curled up on the floor. Leah's hair is sprawled out around her, her cheeks are a ghostly white and her lips have no colour. If it wasn't for the faint rise of her chest, Josh would've thought she was dead. He walks over to her slowly, not wanting to frighten her. As he gradually gets closer to the girl, her eyes snap open. A look of panic crosses her face.

''I don't want to hurt you. Please let me comfort you'' Josh creeps closer to her. Leah doesn't attempt to run, she just moves her body into a sitting position.

''I'm sorry you have to see me like this, I'm so messed up'' She rubs her bloodshot eyes and puts her hands into her pocket.

''Don't say that. I know how you feel. I've been through the same things as you, I just don't tell others. I get tired of faking a smile everyday'' He sighs deeply before inching closer to the shaking girl and placing his arm around her shoulder. It's a friendly gesture, nothing sexual. Leah leans into his warmth and relaxes into him.

''I don't see any point in going on anymore. Here I am practically cuddling with a boy I don't really know in the middle of the forest and I can't even be bothered to move'' She laughs lightly. What's the point in running away from the only person willing to come look for her?

''The name's Josh. You're free to move away from me if you feel uncomfortable. I just thought you might want some comfort. I'd love to have someone care about me'' Josh closes his eyes whilst taking in the sounds coming from different parts of the forest.

''I'm Leah. You have me I guess. Considering we both are basically depressed and alone, we might as well become friends'' Even though the words should've upset Josh, he finds it somewhat funny and chuckles lightly.

''Ok then'' He mutters. The two of them talk for at least another hour before walking back towards the school grounds. An unlikely friendship, but it couldn't be more perfect.

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