A Love Poem



Wandering Sands


“The hot sun blazes across, And the dry winds carry the dust, afar,

The sands shine a dull red, golden they glare under the fiery sun;

Even the winds have a dry taste, and move across the barren landscape,

In search of lifeblood, in search of a trickle of water,

For they have tasks to do, weary I am, parched my throat is,

Like the shrubs across the vast desert, but my goal, tis different,

And I look abound and afar, for my lovely maiden,

It is not water that quenches my thirst, for

The nectar from her heart, and her soul, I want to drink,

Far as my sight could see, disappointment abound my eyes,

For I can see the Oasis, for I can see the Water,

Want I, to tell, the blowing , dry winds, the water, tis not where they look for;

I whisper, silently to the winds, “ look there, there hath the quest of your search.”

For I hope, the winds, they might, bring me the scent of my love,


They do not heed, go abound they, for they think am insane, And they go about their quests,


Unmindful am I, and go on I, for I have come here, to find my love,

I have waited long enough, but the longing prolonged till eternity,

But there hath no end to my quest, for I have hope in my heart,

For she’s my salvation, she is my divine messenger, for she is my love,

And with the flame in my heart, burning bright , like the sun above,

I climb another mountain of sand, And I look afar and awide, but I see not my love,

And my spirit it goes on, for my body, long gone it has,

Into the vast mountains of sand, it is not but, sand,

But my spirit, it still live, and a fiery flame burns,

Deep inside me, for my love, she hath lost somewhere,

And the mounds of sand, lie between us,

And so my search goes on, in everlasting hope.

Submitted: July 25, 2007

© Copyright 2022 prabhakar. All rights reserved.

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