It is about rescue of a young girl left alone on island.


There was a young girl called karana very fair and black haired and very beautiful too. While she was boating with her family , whales attacked, and killed her family and by the mercy of God she swam and reached nearby island and was left alone in that no man island. Karana searched that island and found place under a tree with some rabbits. She ate there and slept there. She started living in that island alone with sea life and grew up there only in a beautiful young woman. One day a handsome young man , a surfer on one of his excursions landed on that island. He saw Karana and fell in love with her, he was astounded to see her alone. He gave her some clothes to wear as she was only in  clothes made of leaves. Then all of sudden tides came and swept them, the young man called Tim took Karana and lifted her but tides kept on coming on shore. Finally Tim picked up Karana and performed various dare devil attempts and rescued her. Then finally he took her with him to his home. Then Karana lived happily ever after.

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Prabhjot kaur

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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