Into the Deviant Mind of a Serial Rapist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Rape in action from the point of a Serial Rapist.
Having worked years in this field, this perspective is true to the nature of the beast.
Very explicit, mature content. Minors might want to get parental permission.

This story has been on my profile a few days and some have already read it, but it never showed up as published even though I published, so here it is for those who may not have seen it on my page.
I could feel the need building slowly and exquisitely; circulating through my veins. It had been just over a month since my last episode. Arousal and excitement warred equally for control; both anticipating what tonight would bring.
Finding a vulnerable target was half the thrill. I slid into the confidence of a man having done this many times. The familiarity fitted me like a well worn glove. Sitting back sipping on a vodka tonic, I let my mind wander deliciously backwards to the young girl I had met on my last outing.
I could still easily recall her resistance and smell her fear permeating the air of my mind, making me hard, eager for the feel of it once more. “Easy boy.” “Savoring, is a crucial part of the game.” Touching myself, feeling the hard length of my arousal had me smiling like a Cheshire cat. “Get it under control, only a few more hours.”
I left my apartment, dressed casually in jeans and a black crew neck. I looked like any other young man out for a night on the town. I suppose I was a handsome guy, or at least that’s what people were always telling me. Ladies flocked to me like kids to an ice cream truck. Sometimes I had to laugh at how easy it was to get what I wanted. Guys were a different story. I tended to avoid close relationships with the same sex, as men in general were jealous creatures. Jealous of my natural good looks and hard muscled physique.
“Evening Gus.” I stopped and dug a crisp twenty dollar bill out of my wallet. “Tonight’s a good night for having a bit of fun.” Gus usually sat on the stoop of the apartment building where I lived, often occupying the space long after everyone else went to bed and there most times before the tenants rose for the day. Often I wondered if the old fart slept outside. Damn inconvenient at times. He might look ancient and weathered, hardly worth a glance, but the old geezer never missed what was happening in the apartment complex. “Hmph,” was the only reply I received as I handed Gus the twenty I was holding. Gus liked his booze, putting it mildly, and when I was in a particular mood, I would slip him a little cash to help indulge his habit and mine. Most often I don’t bring my lady friends home to my apartment, but sometimes it couldn’t be helped. Slipping Gus cash on the nights I ventured out for entertainment, helped ensure that he would be nice and besotted if I did bring someone home. “Just a little insurance policy”  I chuckled. Whistling an upbeat tune I walked the six blocks to my favorite hangout. It was a warm evening with just a hint of coolness in the air. Enough to warrant long sleeved attire, but not enough to justify wearing a coat.
I stopped in front of the glass door of Jackie’s bar and just stood for a few exhilarating moments, inhaling the scent of stale beer and thick smoke. Loud music wafted out, Once bitten twice shy, an old rock tune from the 80’s was blasting from the sound stage. “Ahh, good tunes.” “Nice night.” Not too crowded but not dead either.” “Plenty of choices.”  I smiled, resisting the urge to lick my lips, like someone viewing a smorgasbord of delectable food.
I casually entered, looking nonchalantly around for a place to sit that would afford me the advantage of an overview of the small dance floor and bar. A back room with a couple old pool tables, one broken fuse ball machine and a couple cheesy arcade games completed the ensemble. Pictures of rock bands, and race cars, as well as a neon Coors light sign adorned the walls. The wooden dance floor boasted five to six couples dancing closely together. A familiar slow song was presently easing out of the speaker system, having replaced the previous loud rock music.
Jackie’s bar, a local favorite had been in business since the early eighties and still managed to entice crowds both young and old through its well traversed doors.
Luck was on my side as my favorite corner table was open. It was the prime place for viewing the scene and calculating my odds. Passing Jackie the owner, I smiled and waved a friendly greeting.  Just because I don’t make close friends with guys didn’t mean I wasn’t well liked. All part of the game. “Hell I wouldn’t get very far, if some guy ratted me out to the ladies,” I thought practically.
“Usual Mikey?” “You bet Jackie.” Making short talk, he continued: “Haven’t seen you in a few weeks, been working too hard?” “Know what they say about all work and no play.” Jackie laughed uproariously.
“Friggin moron.” I muttered silently. Outwardly I smiled and laughed.“Yeah, I been working a little too hard these last weeks.”
Sliding the long neck bottle down the bar in my direction, Jackie intoned: “First ones on the house.” One of the other occupants mouthed something about getting a free beer to which Jackie laughed and responded: “When you become one of our best customers like Mike here, then I might think about giving your sorry ass a free beer now and again.”
Tipping my beer in salute, I seated myself at the table and sat back to watch the night unfold. Effort at controlling my excitement occupied most of my first beer, but by the second I was calm enough to really start appraising potential conquests.
I took my time and nursed my third beer, as I didn’t want my senses dulled too much by the effects of alcohol. I had found three possible targets.
The first woman appeared to be between 25-27, and was with a group of women. I mentally went through my checklist. Was she drinking? Check. Were her friends drinking? Check. Were any guys hanging around her? That could be a big problem later. No guys sniffing around her. Another check. 
“Damn, my luck had run out. A new girl had just entered the picture and refused the offer of alcohol by the waitress. Instead, the waitress delivered what looked to be a coke and a guy like me’s worst night mare; a big red button sporting the words designated driver! “Shit,” I thought, “a DD.” I was a little disappointed, but not overly. The night was still young and there was always hope that the DD, wouldn’t stay so designated and would start drinking. Happened a lot and would put chick number one back in the running.
The second woman, I crossed off my list pretty quickly, as I noticed she stopped drinking after two beers and declined any new ones that were sent her way. Some of her friends did the same and seemed to stick together pretty tightly as a group.  “Son of a bitch.” “Too risky.”
My third and currently most promising choice was a young woman probably around age 22-24. She was downing beers like she had just walked across the Sahara Desert, during a drought, with no canteen. “Thatta girl.” “Keep chuggin!” I silently cheered. Her friends were matching her drink for drink and thank the heavens not a single DD on the radar. Two of the girls were being chatted up by a couple local guys I knew.
“Alright Mikey my man,” “I think she’s the one. I silently patted myself on the back. “You have just found your girl.” She wasn’t the prettiest in the crowd, but that didn’t matter. She had other endearing qualities I liked. Such as intoxication, drunk friends, no guys hanging all over her, frequent trips to the bathroom- alone. Yep, these were all delightful qualities in a woman. A soft rounded ass and nice tits, with lots of cleavage, which she sported both, weren’t bad qualities either.
“Ok.”  “Time to make a move.” I waited until there was a lull in the beer guzzling and haven taken notice of what type of beverage she was drinking, I had one sent over. I made no move to approach her yet. I just nodded and tipped my beer in greeting when the waitress pointed me out.
I saw Melissa, the waitress, nod and whisper something to the girl. I made a point never to make any waitresses a target at my hangouts. They were a crucial weapon in my arsenal. I also made sure I tipped well and remained friendly and courteous at all times to my servers. Again I thought, “Insurance.”  “Just like old Gus.”
Melissa stopped by to bring me another beer and patted my cheek. “Put a good word in for ya Mikey, with the cute blond you just sent a drink over to.” “Thanks Mel, you’re a doll.”  Geez, women!”  Always trying to play matchmaker.
I waited a couple more minutes, indulging and prolonging the anticipation of the introduction. Watching her frequent, covert glances in my direction, confirmed that she was ready for my next move. Sauntering over, I smiled. “Mind if I sit down?” Direct and to the point. Lame pick up lines were a fast ticket to spending the night alone. Smiling she nodded. “Names Mike, friends call me Mikey.” 
“What can I call you?” She asked coyly.
“Anything you want.” I grinned at her. “Kidding darlin, you can call me Mikey, like the rest of my friends do.” This was the tricky part. Making her feel comfortable without laying it on too thick.
After buying her several more drinks and even a couple of jello shots, I knew it was time to progress my seduction a bit. I had brought my A game tonight. I made sure to engage in excruciatingly dull chatter. “Part of the game Mikey.” “Part of the game.” I consoled myself by mentally picturing her naked, totally at my mercy, begging me to fuck her. In my fantasy I asked her if she liked the feel of my dick in her mouth, to which she moaned a throaty yes, oh yes! Instead, out loud, I asked about her family and friends, chatting nonchalantly, pretending to care about the answers.
Phase two complete -Having convinced her I was one hell of a nice guy. Never letting on about my secret little fantasy of screwing her mindless, I asked her a little shyly if she wanted to dance. Girls like confidence mixed with a bit of boyish charm.
She accepted immediately. I led her to the dance floor and tested the waters by pulling her hot little body in close and resting my hands on her nicely rounded ass. She made no move to resist. She even laid her head on my shoulder. The next part of my seduction was another sort of insurance. Just in case any of the bitches ever decided to lie and say I forced them. I always made a point to kiss her in public, put on a little show for the crowd. Gently raising her chin, I lowered my mouth softly to hers. She fervently kissed back. Inside I was lusting to grab fistfuls of her long blond hair, to tear her clothes off, while she begged me to stop or maybe begged me to keep going, sometimes the fantasy changed. One thing for sure, I was always in control and she was always at my mercy. God I couldn’t wait to have her squirming underneath me.
Bidding my time, I decided to go in for the kill. Breaking the kiss, I told her that she looked like she could use some fresh air. Too drunk at this point to really object she giggled and readily agreed to go outside. Her unobservant friends didn’t even notice us leave. “Dumb bitches, I thought snidely. They make it so easy. Like catching flies with honey.
Once outside I laid on the chivalry. “Trish, you look beat darlin.” “Why don’t I call you a cab and see you home safely.” “Can’t be too careful these days.” I reminded her.  I called a cab and not waiting for permission got into the backseat with her. “Heeey Mikey, you’re a nice guy, kno that,” she slurred? “Yep, that’s me, real nice guy.”  I laughed.” Instead of giving the cab driver her address I gave him mine. (I had determined in our earlier conversation that one of the girls with her was her roommate.) 
When we pulled up I got out and held the door open for her. She had drifted off during the ride, laying her head on my shoulder. Smiling I paid the cabbie. Walking up the steps, I noticed old Gus sitting there as usual, an empty bottle of cheap whiskey laying beside him and a fresh one in his gnarled hands. Paying us little attention except to peer blurry eyed from under heavy lids, he grunted and turned back to find solace in his bottle. “Insurance.”  I chuckled to myself.
After entering my apartment, I helped Trish to the couch and excused myself to remove my jacket and shoes. Coming to a bit, I heard her mumble “Snnot my couchh, gotta peeee.” Christ, I hated to help a chick piss. Come on let’s get this over with. Escorting her to the bathroom, I all but threw her in and stood by the door. Didn’t want to have to try and persuade a drunk girl out from behind a locked bathroom door. Had to do that once, broke the damn door before I got the bitch out.
Once back in the living room I sat both of us on the couch. The excitement I had contained all day was finally going to be released. Leaning in I kissed her. “Wanna lie down,” she murmured slouching a bit on the couch. “Oh no, darlin, we are just getting started.”
Pushing her upright, I again attempted to kiss her, while letting my hands roam freely down her hot little body. Mumbling something unintelligible, she tried to push at my chest. “Relax babe, loosen up.”  “Your safe here with me.” “Just feel, don’t think.” I pried her hands from my chest and held them at her sides. Easing her back into a prone position, I settled myself beside her. At that moment, when I saw the first real glimmer of fear in her eyes, my erection hardened painfully in my jeans. “Come on baby, it’s time to get a return on my investment.”
Trying to sit up she said a little more clearly one word, just one tiny word-“No.” But it was the one word that had the ability to piss me off more than words twice as long.  More than a shitload of other words strung together. “What do you mean- no?” “What the hell did you think was gonna happen when I bought you all those drinks?” “You fucking owe me, so don’t start playing the goddamn reluctant virgin.” God, the thrill of finally being able to let out some of the anger and the thrill of being totally in control was more intoxicating than any drug. “I can do whatever I please with you love and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.”
The whore started crying. More like whimpering, which really pissed me off. I grabbed her face in my hands. I didn’t squeeze hard. Just enough to get my point across.
“Listen here Trish.” “You’re really starting to piss me off.” “What are you, a fucking cock tease?” “Rubbing your juices all over me at the bar and now acting like you don’t want me to fuck you.” This made her cry even harder.  Grabbing her, I shook her a few times. “Don’t fucking make me angry Trish!” “Nothing I hate more than a tease!”
She seemed to quiet down for a moment but then she started begging. “Please Mikey.” I’m sor- sorry, I,- I didn’t me- mean to lead you on.”  She stuttered. Tears rolling down her young face didn’t faze me a bit. “Tell you what I’m gonna do Trish.” “Lay back and relax. Just let happen what you’ve been asking for all night and then I won’t have to get ugly. That seemed to calm her down again.
Grinning, I eased her back down and started removing her clothes. She whimpered a bit but didn’t say anything when I took off her jeans. “That’s right.” I thought pleased. “I am in charge. I hated when they made me have to resort to violence. Part of me hated it anyway, while another, more sinister part became extremely aroused at the thought.
Lying there naked, vulnerable on the couch, with only her tears to keep her company, that and the look of absolute fear in her eyes gave me a moment’s pause. I always had a moment, where I couldn’t help myself, I wondered for just an instant, whose daughter; wife; girlfriend; or sister, I was getting ready to fuck.
The thought only lasted for fleeting seconds, as I quickly reminded myself, that she was getting what she asked for. Why else would she dress with her tits hanging out? Or go to a bar and drink like a fish? Kiss some guy she just met? I already knew the answer. Because she was asking, no fuck that, begging for a guy like me to screw her brains out. A tiny voice in the back of my head tried to tell me that none of those things meant she wanted to have sex. Maybe, just maybe, what I was doing was wrong and that a girl should have a choice in who she slept with. Shouldn’t no count for something? That pesky little voice persisted.
Slapping it away, I reassured myself that she was only resisting because girls were taught to play hard to get. “Hell, I justified to myself, no means yes half the time so how’s a guy supposed to know the frigging difference.
Ignoring the intruding pesky voice, I began touching her naked body. All thoughts of wrong-doing fled as I relished in the feel of her soft smooth skin. As I reached to spread her thighs, for my perusal, she panicked and started physically resisting and crying loudly saying “no,” “no,” “no! ” Repeatedly. That fucking one little word again that irritated me beyond belief. I slapped her several times and shook her again. “For fuck sake, calm down!” Jesus, she was going to wake the whole freaking complex if she didn’t shut up. Placing a pillow over her face and applying a moderate amount of pressure I sternly told her to “SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH OR I WILL SHUT IT FOR YOU.” 
That seemed to do the trick and she immediately quieted. Removing the pillow, I continued where I had left off. Noticing tears sliding once more down her face, I decided to reassure her a bit. I’m not a monster after all. “Listen Trish, just relax and you’ll be fine.” “I don’t really want to have to hurt you.” 
Again, attempting to caress between her thighs she started crying harder and moved her head from side to side, she even begged me to stop. “Stop.” I thought: “Are you fucking crazy?”  “I’m just getting started!” Prying her clenched thighs apart and positioning myself between them I finally, blissfully started fucking her.
She didn’t really seem to be as into it as I was because she just laid there. It was kind of killing the mood for me, so I told her to “let go a little and for fuck sake moan or something,” geez it was like fondling a statue.
The crying although quieter than before was really getting on my nerves, so I slapped her a few more times. “Damn!” I thought: “Why is she making me have to get ugly?” She started crying harder. She was seriously killing the mood and that was making me very angry.  I thought, “Who the hell does this bitch think she is?” Grabbing her by the hair and pulling, I shook her again a few times, for good measure. She fought back a little, but I was twice her size and a hell of a lot stronger. Her struggle only excited me more and I gripped her thighs unmercifully hard while I sought my release.
Afterwards, I got up and cleaned myself off. I threw a rag at her and told her to clean up and just to show her I was a nice guy, I told her it probably wasn’t safe for her to go traipsing around the city this late, so she could crash on the couch and head out in the morning. 
She just laid there, her naked body gently shaking, with tears streaming silently down her young face.

Submitted: March 07, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Practically Enchanted. All rights reserved.

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this was a good descriptive read..
a little creepy at times, but that only means you did a good job at conveying your character

well done :)

Sun, March 7th, 2010 10:44pm


Thank you for reading. Yes it is creepy how they think.

Sun, March 7th, 2010 4:54pm


A little note to Nekolas, just cause society is all round wrong doesn't mean that ignoring it is the right way to handle it. Maybe if you give it a little more than ignoring the problem it would get a little closer to the solution, or at least stop from coming worse. :) Anyways...very interesting topic. ^_^

Mon, March 8th, 2010 2:13am


Thank you for reading. I agree ignoring it causes an acceptance and permission in a way. Thoughtful response, thanks again.

Wed, March 10th, 2010 7:43pm


OMG The dude a creep and totally has a sick mind!!! So what if she was letting lose for one night? Even though I really do discourage it. It's like saying that if a man walks out his front door and doesn't wear a bulletproof vest someone has the right to shoot him.! So not cool!! T_T Anyways I hope that he got what he deserves in the end. By the way, where ya get the story idea from? Never the less, interesting topic.

Mon, March 8th, 2010 2:37am


I work with sexual assault victims and offenders and I compiled the story from different scenerios and comments I have picked up form them! Very great response about bulletproof vest and shooting! Great analogy!

Wed, March 10th, 2010 7:45pm


NEKOLAS: The story is not for you to like it, it is creating an awareness.
Rape takes place everyday and more people need to realise this, this short story highlights that and I think its a real shame that you feel the need to comment unkindly.
The reason there aren't many 'I like its' is because we live in a society where people are too afraid or uncaring to acknowledge this growing problem.

Tue, March 9th, 2010 3:34pm


Thank you for reading and supporting my piece. I appreciate the support. I have already helped a couple younger people who read this and wrote to me on my e-mail. A couple others commented that they would be more careful in bars, so I feel it is worth something.

I agree about unkind words, if its not your thing then don't read it, but why be hateful about it. I don't understand people sometimes but I think it makes them feel better to try and make others feel bad, but I'm not in it just for the "likes." I don't believe the likes determines a good piece.
Thank you again!!!!!!

Wed, March 10th, 2010 7:14pm


perfectly done as always very acurate and truthful

Sun, March 14th, 2010 3:25am


Thank you for reading.

Sun, March 14th, 2010 8:02pm


Excellent read! I have had experience with people who are like this and you portrayed it well!

Fri, March 26th, 2010 11:35pm


Thank you. I am sorry to hear you have experience with individuals like this.

Fri, March 26th, 2010 7:46pm

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