The good bakery

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This story is about a boy who was very poor and suddenly becomes rich by working hard and keeping a bakery.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012








This the story of a man who was born in a poor family in Mumbai ( a rich city of India ).



Once upon a time there lived a poor family in Mumbai. The family was very poor and could not buy anything. There clothes were torn,there shoes were not in a proper order. Even there was not enough money to buy food. They wouldbeg for food in every stallnear their small hut. The owners of thestallwouldlaugh at them. The poor familywaitedsomuchto see whetherarich family could give them enough money.  Theywouldgotothepeople and cheatthemand grab moneyfromthem. Theywouldsay that they would be their  labours . And they would take money in advance and workjusttwo or three days and then escape. But this luck was their with themonly for a few days. Soonthey gavebirth to a child with their robbed money. The life of the poor family becamemore difficult with the extraperson. Soon the wholestreet and nearplaces gotinformation that they were cheaters. Soon their child became big. His mind was not like theirparent’s mind. Hewanted to work hard and earn enough  money. The child lovedcookingalot. He learnt about

varietyof  things  to  cook. He would go to a free membership library and read aboutcookery. He soon kept a very small food stall. Actually he sold there many food items like Chinese, Japanese etc. The food stall was really a grand success to him. Many people came there to eat. So with that hard earned money he opened a bakery. This bakery becameone of the famous bakeries at that time. Near by bakery owners wouldbecome jealous of him  .  Many people commented that the bakery was good so he named the bakery as ‘Good Bakery’. His parents were very ashamed seeing him. His parents got a very nice lesson. So if you work hard even a poor person can become.


Theme of the story – luck is like a guest to us. But hard work is like a friend to us. A guest may be our close person only for a few days but a friend is a close person to us for the whole life. So everybody work hard.

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