Color Color, which color do u choose?

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Its mainly for those who get paranoid trying to decide whether they look good or not, every time they have to hit a party!

Color color, which color do you choose?!



Arises a function, brings along with it hypertensions! The most artificial, "Oh! U look splendid “s, "Oh dear! U must be working hard coz uve got dark circle!!"s, the endless gossips and heartbreaks and pangs.


Why is it that there is always a hullabaloo about "dressing up"(dolling up) among girls?! Few reasons I can think of is:

-> To look the 'Miss world'! :p

-> To make sure 'that chic next road' looks dim in front of u.

-> Ooh! And mainly to make sure guys (many!!) turn around to look at u!

-> Lastly, but not the beastly, to get showered by compliments.


As we finish listing out reasons, comes the scariest part; choosing a color *panic*

Yellow for luck, blue for calmness, green for environment, red for love, black for funeral, white for funeral (???!!), orange for picnic, chocolate for evening parties....the list goes on!!


Is it really soooo difficult to search for a dress and its color? I think not!

Whats actually required to make sure one looks outshone from the rest?

Sloppy dresses? NO!

Sky scraping heels? NO!

Pounds of make up? NO!

False accent? NOOOO!


Whats truly required is Confidence!!!





Charmàmakes heads turn!!!

So next time u head out to a party, forget the reds, blacks, blues and pinks!! Wear your confidence and hit out!!

Good luck!



Submitted: July 05, 2012

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