The Magician

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I have known him for the last nineteen years or even more.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




I have known him for the last nineteen years or maybe even more…but still when  I met him this time, he was hard to recognize. He looked distant and alienated, he appeared beaten but veteran.

Believe me , this friend of mine is a Magician.He says he can fool the entire world including you with his poker face but bad for him ,he could not fool me.His eyes gave him away.He thinks he is the master of disguise.He is a strange artist..this magician.He doesn’t like the ones  who  fall for his tricks rather the ones who see through him,them,he adores.I have seen him when he was at his best, I have  been  a part of his worst.They tell me that he is a changed man now,that he has mastered the ultimate magic of love.The magician no longer hides behind his mask.

It is now time for his final show.I sit among the audience clapping and cheering as he performs his final act of Betrayal.He betrays the very things he was once proud of.He betrays hate and he betrays revenge.He throws away the mask and finally reveals himself.The world loves him.He looks at me for a brief moment and then gracefully retires  from the stage.His exit from the stage has created a void which he says no one should ever try to fill.Still Proud?The Magician tells me that he no longer wants to perform.He just wants to be.I am going to confront him today.I will ask him why…I will ask when I meet this Stranger in the Mirror.

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