I Realized it

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The life is full of many truths. The truths that can make u totally disappointed about life. so god made them secret.One day while sitting down and reading a book I had a memory shock and then i penned down my feelings.

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



Wish the time that passed away,

Return to me the same way.

I did a lot of mistakes then

very cozy and uneven.


god gave only one life

And no chance to correct the bee hive.

once you take a decision,

It will not change,irrespective of season.


At some points in life

you might face a sharp knife.

when you have to choose one

Without making any fun.


Decision making is so serious

that life becomes furious.

because once taken cann't be reverted

so people might also be hurted.


I realised it.


The life is so dreading,

fact;the negative newspaper heading.

God hasa given us life 

bt no way to survive.


The stony sandy stupid paths

given by supreme for us to to bath

in the dark shadow of internal wound

very scary and very sound.


The vale profound of treason

gives me no reason

to live this stupid life

as only to strive.


may he has given me a chance

to correct the total glance.

Then i might have started

to get wanted.


the liofe is not such 

I knew ! I knew!


I realized It.


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