Does God Exist

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The essay is about the existence of God. We should not be obsessed of believing in God because it sometimes becomes the reason of our drawbacks.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Everyone has been aware of the word "God" since he can memorize. It's one of the well known facts amongst the people around us. Our ancestors used to make us realize how this unique word has created the humanity, tranquility and why we pray to god. Many a book is texted with the philosophical facts which directly or indirectly try to prove the existence of god. We pray to god and we do believe as well. We are supposed to follow our holy books as in The Ramayana,The Gita, The Quran, The Bible and The Guru Granth Sahib, as we are told how our religion is related to these holy scripts written by our legends. We, unknowingly, have been following those lines of mantras, that we have never thought if any of them would have been occurred. We simply follow the myths and the religious views that are made by a human himself. I'm neither an atheist nor a bigot, however, trying to be rational gradually. We can't put up these questions before a bigot or a hypothetical crap, because all we get in reply is some unrealistic shit that doesn't make any sence either, he can pull you up by telling you a befooled atheist and a person who is created to entertain the humanity. A dramatic change we could fathom out by going towards Western countries, they don't have a crap in their brains about believing in God. But it would be irrational if we don't accept the fact that a lot of people, even there, simply depends upon the mythological term God. We ,in our religion, chant the "Mantras" and there we could get a lot of stories related to a particular mantra, about how the sages used the mantra in kindling the holy woods or forced the clouds rain..etc. Moreover, we are still not growing. We are retarding the sanctity of mankind, humanity, Brotherhood and being a moron who simply believes in God or in destiny, and is supposed to blame or give excuses at every fiasco. We are creating an atmosphere that hardly has any lifespan. NOw, I will convey the readers what exactly I believe in. I'm a theist though, but not a typical as well as dramatic screwed who is obsessed and is dependent in getting good outcomes through the mantras chanted during "the pooja". I internally believe in "positivity"and that is the result of a tranquil mind. If you think positively, the drawbacks are never gonna make you feel "looser". If you manage yourself not to get involve in overthinking or negative thinking, you are simply believing and following the God itself. So all I know,The god is a word that instill hope in us during the "ups and downs" and makes us able to wait for the good days. "Dog days will last no longer if you have the guts to keep yourself calm even in messed up situations". Therefore, lastly, Do pray ,however ,don't be obsessed to the outcomes. Work harder, results are the direct reflection of your work done. It would be brighter if you burn the midnight oil. The God is mankind, humanity, spirituality and a fantasy that is beyond the words, he is exist if above words are exist in men. If "the man" in us is no longer exist, we would be like moronic animals, that don't have any curiosity in knowing whether the god is exist or not.

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