DVD Rush

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a moviebuff embarks on a journey to find the dvd of a 15 year old, heavily criticized, a flop yet great film, all alone.

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016




Aakash, a moviebuff, keeps watching new movies on DVD. He doesn't like piracy at all. One day, he finds out on Internet a 15 year old movie, which was though heavily criticized, panned, and was a critical and commercial failure, yet was an national award winning film. Aakash decides to watch the film. The major attraction was that it was a Tamil film also shot in Hindi, instead of dubbing. Aakash searches thr film everywhere butdoesn't get the Hindi version, though gets the songs. He doesn't find even the Tamil version, exchange few clips. He finds rather a poorly dubbed Telugu version.

Aakash comes to know that the film is premiering on Television late night, and he plans to record it, but fears that he would have to wake up before his parents to stop the recording. He tries to test whether turning off the Television and the set top box records the film or not. He gets the answer : NO! He finally then succeeds in finding the DVD on only one site, but hesitates a little because of the complaints from users regarding the poorly manufactured DVD. He realises that he had to find the DVD of a 15 year old, heavily criticized, a flop yet great film, all alone.

He then goes to Delhi; he doesn't find it anywhere. He even goes to Mumbai, Chennai, everywhere possible but doesn't find the DVD. Hopelessly, he returns back and decides to buythe DVD and risk his money. He receives the DVD happily and inserts it in his newly purchased DVD player. Everything goes well, till the first 60 minutes, after which the DVD gets stuck and stops to work. It doesn'twork even on the computer. He feels disgusted for having spent so much money on a poorly manufactured DVD. He keeps the DVD with himself, though.

One day he finds the Tamil VCD on an online store for just Rs. 85. He wishes to watch the Hindi version of the film, and thus pauses. But he consoles himself by telling that he watches several Tamil films, and doesn't mind the language barrier then. Why now? Perhaps because it's a film made simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil language, and the Tamil VCD wouldn't have any subtitles, so he decides to drop his plan, and leave the topic behind, waiting for the film to premiere on TV once again.

To console himself, he looks at the DVD, which was  though defected yet available, and smiles.

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