The Boyz...

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WE are different...

Submitted: December 29, 2007

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Submitted: December 29, 2007



The world is not enough
when it comes to freakin out
& if its us, people shout it out loud
hide.. save urself... The Boyz r out...

We change the time
We set the trendz
We are the height of everything
We are your scariest friends

We are the life you live
We are the words you here
We are the heart of everything
We are your greatest fear..

Doing everything the way we want
Taking everything to the limit
Livin wiil be fun..
Believe me.. you'll love it

We give love
we are the trust
We can do anything
"Smile"... our only lust...

We live a life
Its so kingsize
Whatever we do..
Takes you out of demise....

But its our own style
Temptations .. no limitations..
We do everything
With a tinch of love... & lotsa irritations...

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