The Truth Of Life... Engineer's Way..!

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Its True. Facts Of Life.. My Way...

Submitted: December 29, 2007

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Submitted: December 29, 2007



i've learned...

1) Distance is not always inversely proportional to love...
they kinda share a freakish nature..
it depends on the data given and the environmental conditions..

2) No matter how hard u try to do good stuff for others
some unaccounted failures always occure..
the breakdown maintenance department cant help
and Preventive maintenance isn't possible...its highly risky to live..

3) No matter how u express urself..
the diction n speech somewhere somehow goes wrong
or they'r not enough..body language has an imp role to play..

4) Ur care n concern is volatile
its not there if u dont do enough to show..
constant discharge is necessory..
else the carin efficiency is supposed to be low..

5) Even if u dont know a person much
u feel tat she/he has been there since forever..
time looses its importance
its just a frame of reference..

6) There are ppl whom u love a lot..
but they fail to understand ur love..
Expectations are really high..
its like solvin a zillion veriabled equation..and all you know is tat x is an unknown variable.

7) When ppl tell u what u should do..
they forget how they r supposed to tell it..
its like tryin to store 700MB in a floppy Drive
Generally ends with a GIGO(Garbage In Garbage Out) situation..

8) Sometimes ppl ask for too much..
u r in no position to satisfy there needs..
u find tat resources are low and demand is too high..
results in inflation and black marketing..

9) Sometimes u do stuff for urself..
and nobody understands..
u r then insensible, immature n kiddish..
its like a Data Sufficiancy question..and u have no way to establish ur logics...He

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