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a poem dedicated to all the mothers in the world

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



She wakes up early in the morning,

before the crack of dawn;

She goes to work in the kitchen

and gets busy with the chores of the day.

She cooks, she sweeps,

She washes,she dusts,

without a complaining voice

for the ones she loves.

She stays at home for the kids,

while the kids go away.

Her life revolves around them,

although they never seem to notice.

She herself starves, not keeping her children hungry,

she gives up all comforts for those of her kids.

But what does she get in return?



Angry words?


She longs for their time,

their love,their care;

She wishes that they talk to her,

share her joys, share her sorrows.

But they-the children:

too busy in their work;

can't spare some time;

ask her how she is? no;

And then one day, she is gone.

Forever - a star in the sky.

And then they realise their loss,

Wish to rewind the time,

Wish to thank her and love her,

Wish to spend time with her,

Wish to hug her and kiss her.

But is too late.......

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