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This is going to be my personal favourite. For the first time, i am not apprehensive while posting it. In fact, i am eager to know what all of you think about it and I would be more than happy to take all the criticisms with a huge smile. A mother is biased and so am I towards this poem, but i may be wrong.

Thanks to the challenge by LEMON LUV....I could open my mind and soul through this poem..This is a poem with mind boggling array of emotions....and is quite haphazard too...BUT is written straight from soul...Sometimes the short term gain in career leads to long term losses which we realise when we lose those moments....can we go back? NOPE...THINK...and evaluate....IS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT IN UR WORLD? IF NOT, SET IT is NEVER TOO LATE....
I owe this huge thanks to VEE as well for the lovely lines - "Don't forget to tell someone you love them today..." which set me thinking till 2.00am until i could no longer sleep and got up to write this poem...i slept finally at 4.00am....i hope all of you would agree that the effort was worth it..I was having this 'hot'(ouch) discussion with my hubby who is always worried ...worried for future, for money, and is always surrounded by insecurities and in the process; he is missing out on beautiful things in life..He needs to "STOP" and think and re-consider his values and life style...and evaluate the loss VS gain...he is always running after a MIRAGE...”If I get this I would be happy...” but that end never comes...I am going to help him change...because lately since I joined Booksie, I realised that “EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY...THE ONLY CERTAIN THING IS DEATH”

Submitted: June 30, 2008

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Submitted: June 30, 2008



Life is is sweet...
Enjoy it as long as you are alive....
What will happen tomorrow, who knows?...Do I know?...Do YOU know?...
Will I be alive to read your posts?

Am I sure to see tomorrow’s sunrise?


Am I sure ‘my heart will go on and on....?”
Am I sure to wake up fresh and happy sans depression tomorrow?alt
Will I be alive to enjoy my son’s marriage and my grandchildren and great grandchildren?
Why fret? Why brood? What isambition? What iscareer?
Who knows what is “life after death”?altIs this NOT a ONE WAY JOURNEY?
What to do? What not to do? How much to save? How much to spend?alt
Such a short span of life and so many questions and unnecessary tensions!
Life is treacherous, death is certain...
Let’s live as if there is no tomorrow...
Come, bring smile to a crying child’s face...Hey you may find GOD in his smile...
Let’s forget grudges and ‘make up’ with old pals...Let's search for 'lost friends" as well...

Let’s ‘go back’ to our old , ailing parents and be their walking sticks...their sunshine...their hopes...Hey, we might never see them, feel them and hug them again...they would be gone one day while we r still running after MIRAGE...alt

Will it be worth it? When we would want the shelter of their warm embrace...they are gone...alt

....and we are lonely in our world of achievements and false sense of achievements...CHOICE IS OURS...

HUG THEM TIGHT...LOVE THEM LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW...feel their presence...embalm them in your heart and soul...enjoy every festival with them...every occasion with them...

...We owe them our lives and what we are TODAY...

So, come...let’s free ourselves from all old shackles and just be US...alt....TRY TO BE YOU...JUST YOU...ONLY YOU...

Go for Puddle hopping,

catch a butterfly todayalt,

read your parents their favourite bed time story...alt,

kiss your spouse passionately tonightalt,

....lose yourself with your kid, your soul tonight...alt

EMBRACE LIFE...Because...

....Life is treacherous...IT never gives us a second chance...RIGHT?

So go ahead and ....MAKE two cups strong CHAI alt ,

Grab your soulmate and lose yourself in his eyes...alt


Don't forget to tell someone you love them today...
That someone IS your child, your spouse, your parents, your friends, your teachers, your in-laws, your neighbors...and everyone who has made a difference in your life...even the Pizza guy and the cute sales girl who smiled and helped you...
Hey buddy, STOP AND THINK...

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