A Lesson From Delhi Gangrape Victim

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Molestation and Rape are curses for society, So Be Strong and Bold to fight before it goes worst. Wake up!

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013





Holding a sword, mounted on a Singnion ....
Cena apart from blood, the "Draupadi" say.

Ages - ages running, it's Vehshipan Vehshion ....
Storms are up, ever and anon his conscience.

A "black" save now, will not at this time .....
Two Khanjhr you straight sword, which drag you into this trouble.

Thing "Asmt", then why do we have it ... to being fleeced?
To rob the "Asmt" to us as "criminals" for more information.

When both the way the "perpetrator" has become Naria? ......
So why not let Cena rip, when their turns are to come.

Many are suffering endured ....., Jhulmo - atrocities of men we .....
Says that while growing up, now you ten steps.

When ..... same body, the same life, the same thinking, the same elegance ......
Then why do we say that we are their "slave".

It is a relationship of mutual love, no loud - not force ....
Why is forgotten "that" our bin ... "her" not a celebrity.

Poverty "that" could have "rung", crush the "beauties" of the .....
So we can take "Khanjhr", saw the "Drinde to".

By remembering the "daughter of country of" fate, they think ......
That "God" did not save him in this age of Kali "devotee" of.

Then why do not we, ourselves, our security?
Hold the sword was gone, then fight sin.

Age - the age of the woman, when - as the Chandy defeats .....
Then - then the earth, from the end of the wicked.

Draupadi, Durga and Kali, as though we live ....
Like choking - choking tears of blood, we do not want.

Woman of the twentieth century, has announced it is now .....
Punish the rapist, now just "Woman - Organizations" work.

Do any state or country, "rapist" to punish Appeal .....
These "Indian government", here ... Just do have a soul Feel.

A Message to Females-

Molestation and Rape are Feminist curse,

So Be Strong and Bold to fight ...... before it goes worst.


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