A Valentine Gift

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Valentine means a card or message, or a gift sent by one person to another on Valentine's Day. I also received a gift from my Husband on Valentine's Day

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013





Valentine means a card or message, or a gift sent by one person to another on Valentine’s Day, sometimes anonymously. I also received a gift from my Beloved Husband on Valentine’s Day last year which changed my thinking forever and ever.

Rajat and I , was married to each -other four years ago. Both respective parents were angered from our “Love Marriage”. So we both settled in another city. Till Four years of our marriage, we spent so many pleasant moments together. But his career was allowed between and after marriage. He engaged in a private company job. But He was still unfinished about His “Dream Career”.That he wanted to be, that he could not become.A strange uneasiness, it was a strange obsession to get something in which  He had trouble staying.

But I, I’m just very proud of my sexuality.As soon as the night came ,I indulged in so many sexual demands from Rajat in which he tired to complete.And in the morning , He clinged with  the same office clutter-filled life. Just the same puzzlement, he would have lost the desire to get His “Dream Career”.But He did not give in. He quietly time out in the office to study.He filled out the Each and Every “Competition Exam Form” and tends to exam.Inside there was a really strange obsession.

Actually he was in the desire to Join “Army”.He was an athlete, the 6 feel tall, was a bit different in His Personality,an Intelligent Person, Prone to do something for their country.He had already clear the written exam test twice but every time failed in His “Fitness Test”. And the reason behind this is “I”.I sucked Him completely in the night during our “Love Session” due to which He failed to Clear the “Fitness Test”.Actually I never wanted Him to be away from me so always ruined His “Fitness Test”.I was selfish and that he knew.

And one day He Came from the Office and told me that He had cleared His Army Written Test once again and now He moved to the second stage i.e “Fitness test” which is going to be held on the early next morning.I thought the same idea once again, but this time he was already thinking a lot.That day was the Valentine’s Day and like every year ,this year too he had to take me to dinner and after that offered me a “Valentine Gift”.We quickly dressed and went to dinner.But I had more craze  of the gift instead of dinner, which He brought to me.

This time too I was again and again asking about the Gift, and he ignored the same. After dinner we went home and began to sleep.He had to get up early to reach the “Training Ground” so He was busy in Packing. At that time there were 10 in the night. He was worried to sleep early and I was worried to get Him.Suddenly He removed from his bag a gift box and handed over the same in my hand .After that He took His pillow and went into another room.

I was appalled with His behavior and quickly started to open the Gift Box.It was written on the box-”just For Tonight” and inside it was lying a red carrot with lot of rose petals.

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