Biological changes(Start of Mensuration Cycle in Early Year)

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The story emphasizes the early start of Mensuration cycle which increases the rape crimes in the society.

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012




Short Story Social Issue - Biological Changes
(Start of Mensuration Cycle in Early Year)

“Mumma! What’s this?”

She shouted in a shrilled voice.Tears were flowing on her soft cheeks. I rushed towards the drawing room from the kitchen and surprised to see her down face. She was my 9 years old daughter, Aparna , a very naughty child. I never realized in these 9 years that this stage is about to come in Her life so early therefore It was my mistake that I failed to prepare Her to tackle from this typical situation in advance. And now I am more confused than Her and was gathering all my courage to spoke  before Her.

“Plzzzzz Don’t be panic! Calm down!” I replied.

“But Mom….Blood………Call the doctor. Blood is flowing Mumma.” Aparna cried in a pain.

“It was not my mistake.I don’t know how blood came and spoiled my dress.” She again spoke in a very nervous tone.

Now this time being a mother,I had to play the role of a teacher, a guide in front of Her. But 9 years……..too early…..How it happens? Again a series of questions flooded in my mind.

“Mumma”,now this time she cried in a very angry tone. There is no other option left in front of me instead of explaining Her the whole situation.

I started to say,”Look Aparna! Don’t be panic! Just calm down dear! This process is known as Mensuration Cycle which happens in every female Life.This is a natural process which goes on for 4-5 days and then stops automatically. In a Layman language one can say that its a mark of beginning of teenage.The average age for this cycle is 14 to 15 years.”

Suddenly I stopped……..again thinking 14 to 15 years but she is just 9 years old that means 5 years earlier than the prescribed age. Seeing lost in my thoughts, Aparna shooked me in a very awkward manner and asked the solution for this.

I regain myself and relied,’Ohhhh sorry! Plz go inside and use  a napkin for this.”

I handover a booklet from my cupboard and ordered Her to go to from it and again went to the kitchen to prepare a  glass of Hot Milk for Her.I know that milk is a complete tonic to get rid of the stomach pains in these days. She took it immediately and finished the same in just one sip. I hold the empty glass and ordered Her to sleep, as rest will make Her free from worries.

Again I entered in my drawing room, sat on a sofa and lost in deep thoughts.”9 years……too early……Oh my God! What’s wrong is going on in this present era? This is the age of innocency, age of naughtiness,age of kiddishness. Suddenly I recalled the T.V channel news that was flashing 2 months before regarding the rape cases in Haryana. The victim’s  father was blaming the village Sarpanch for such incidents and in order to get rid from this trouble the Sarpanch was making a appeal to the Chief Minister of the state to subside the marriage age from 18 to 14 years as today the girls are getting matured earlier due to the “Biological Changes”.

“Biological changes”-Yup! I shouted instantly.

What are these Biological Changes? That means We ,the Humans are again reaching in that Satyuga period from this Kalyuga period. Early Marriages?????

Again the same social reforms will come back? Ohhh No!

Someone has rightly said that Earth is round. Time and Space passes only with this Hope that We shall stand some day again at same place.And perhaps Now this all is going to be proved very soon.

From where We stand ,there We reached again……and the simple cause is “Biological changes”.I laughed in an insane manner. Quickly lay down my bed on the floor instead of my Double Bed and spoke in a low tone…..

“Yes, the Biological Changes are coming back again.Let’s welcome it with Open Heart from Bed to Floor…..Ha! Ha!”.

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