This is a true incident that happened with my 9 year old daughter last week.I still cant believe that such type of persons are present not only in the city but also in the Kalyug.When My daughter grant wishes to that Old man,He was so delighted that HE picked a note from His pocket & blessed My child with that.

As the Red light gets ON,

Smiles of most of the faces have Gone.

As this is the Delhi city road,

Where every second tensed men going on.

Suddenly the two bikes,

Stand at the parallel mode.

At one there was a nine year old baby girl,

And on the other an eighty year old Folk.

The baby looked at a glance,

And spoked in a low voice...."Babaji Ram-Ram".

Without having any tension,

She greeted the old man at an instance.

The Baba blessed Her in response,,

With a smile on His Face.

He picked a ten-rupee Note from His pocket,

And handover to the Gal for HER grace.

Green signal turns ON....

All the traffic goes on.

But the imprints of that note,

Left a great impact on the child's prone.

It shows that though the life is busy,

But still the Heart is there.

As a stranger get overwhelmed....

With the Greetings He got to share.

Submitted: May 01, 2012

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