Definition Of Youth changes

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This English Poem highlights the social issue of the Youngsters demise in which our definition of "Youth" is changing day by day.

Submitted: May 09, 2015

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Submitted: May 09, 2015




Social Poem – Definition Of “Youth” changes

Once upon a time ,
a queen asked Her King ,
that What is “Youth” ,
in terms of wings .

The King replied ……..
that “Youth” was the ultimate state ,
between childhood and adult age ,
where the qualities of vigour, freshness made a person sage .

“Youth” was a state of mind ,
where fantasies made one’s blind ,
where one Overpowered His desires ,
and kept it on hire .

“Youth” was the ultimate state ,
of envied and romanticized ,
where one didn’t bother ,
about to be criticized .

“Youth” was the possessors ,
of beauty and potential ,
where everything was fair ,
to kept its credential .

“Youth” was the courage ,
of cowardliness and timidity ,
where the youngsters tried to prove ,
their early achieved dignity .

But now the definition of “Youth” is changing ,
not due to its spelling ,
but due to the acts ,
in which our youths are falling .

Now a days “Youth” is define ,
as an unemployed and drunken turbine ,
Its a state of disaffected and nuisance ,
where their tongue slips in an abusing fluence .

“Youth” regard as a horrible creature ,
who figures out for its lust feature ,
He is the one who rapes an innocent female ,
and try to be escape through the definition of “Juvenile” .

And the verbs too are changing ,
that are associated with it ,
Now it becomes violent and threatening ,
as they are aimlessly wandering .

Attack,smash,vandalize,intimidate and assault,
all are scoring highly ,
and the position of “Youth” ,
is decreasing day by day widely.

Kill,stab,arrest and molest ,
all are the verbs that make them to protest ,
for the acts they are committing ,
for their survival of witting .

“Black Youth” is very common ,
which experienced high levels of racial discrimination ,
and makes them troublesome and rebellious ,
and let others to be furious .

So We should keep in mind ,
to save our “Youth” definition for fine ,
Let “Youth” remained as a King’s story ,
and save our Country’s future glory.

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