Now a days FM is a very common media for the youngsters to enjoy in their leisure time as all the mobiles have this feature & moreover listening music is a human being best source of entertainment.But now a days it too becoming a source of vulgarity.

Mind your Tongue-Mr. Radio jockey

A week ago ,I was listening FM radio On my mobile in my free time to get me some refresh feeling for my day to day routine task.But I was surprised to listen the RJ"s comment at the end of the song.The song was-" Tere mast -mast do nain ..........Mere dil ka le gaye chain"".And as soon as the song finished the RJ conversate with His colleague that -"Mast -mast do........What???????? and laughed in a ridiculous manner.I dont want to  name the station's name & that particular RJ programme but I feel very odd that How the ON-AIR is allowed them to broadcast their programmes in such an illicit manner.

An another incident I noticed just after 4-5 days in which an another radio station was commented on the "sperm donation machine of CHINA" and in this too the RJ in the end commented so PUN INDENTED quotes that if the listener of that programme is a teenager than definitely He/She is willing to know the hidden quotes of that RJ.

Now the point to be noted is that FM programmes are for the general publici.e every age group is the listenerincluding the underage teens& the sophisticated women.But if such type of quotes are narrated for the TRP's then this must be stopped as the society is not ready to listen any vulgar programme in this way.The points which I wanted to present in front of the Ministry of broadcasting are as under-

1. Why everyone is targeting the sex issues for the TRP whether it is in the print media or on the websites?

2. Why dont you filter such programmes before allowing them to AIR ?

What the Govt. should do?

1. Govt should either ban on such programmes or declare that India is also a free country regarding sex issues.

2. If any programme is airing then better to announce the age group for it or turn their radios ON to enjoy the same openly.

3. CENSOR must be implemented on the RJ'S Tongue.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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