This story beautifully highlights a true but ugly face of our society. Overall very touching story to bring out a social issue. However as theme is child abuse,so one should learn a lesson from it.

Scene I

“Doctor! Please save my daughter! Please save!”  Tears were flowing from Shalini’s eyes. Her three months old daughter, was admitted in the Govt Hospital in I.C.U. A continuous monitoring was going on. Mr. Shah, a senior Doctor, was stunned about the deteriorating condition of the child. He was unable to identify the cause of such symptoms of body. Recently he had gone through the medical reports of the infant.

“Just tell me the diet of the child”, asked by doctor after studying the ultrasound report of child to mother.

“Diet! It is mother’s breast feed doctor, obviously. But what’s wrong with her?” Shalini replied in insane manner.

Mr. Shah Replied,"Actually the child has taken a lot of protein in her body which she was unable to digest. Due to this, condition are getting worst.”

“Protein! How can it be doctor?” She recalled all her knowledge about the breast feed milk composition which was not giving her match with the doctor’s doubt.

Doctor Shah, himself was unable to speak about the reason behind this condition, he thought its better to ask the mother about her daily life, it might be possible that anything got out from this. He prepared a list of question in his mind and started to ask.

“Please tell me about your family, like how many members are there in your family, what do your husband do, etc.” asked doctor.

Shalini got irritated by the shower of questions that why the Doctor is asking about the family background. But still She was continuing the same,

“I belong to a Northern District Region. My husband is a bonded labour. So he works with his master for this touring kind of job. We are three adult members in family. I live with my father-in-law in his house. He is approx. 70 years old so he couldn’t come here. He is at home right now.”

“Ok fine!” replied Mr. Shah. “Just tell me, where do you work?”

“No Doctor! I am a housewife.” Replied Shalini.

“Hmmm! But just tell me whether you went outside daily?” asked the doctor.

“Yes”, She replied agitatedly “Actually as my father-in-law is an old man so I daily went to the market to buy daily need goods like milk, bread, vegetables etc. As the market is two km away from my house so it takes two hrs for me to return back.”

“And what about the infant ? Who look after her in this duration ?” asked Mr.Shah

“Her Grandfather, Doctor. Whenever I come back, I find her sleeping with her toys quietly”

“Oh….but…..” doctor stopped himself for a while.

“What happened doctor, please say something” Shalini begged him.


Scene II

Ramesh was briskly walking towards his house with red blooded eyes. He rushed down the door and without wasting a moment, he searched the knife from the kitchen and ran towards his father’s room. His father was lying on the bed. He frantically stabbed his father with that pointed weapon. Blood spilled all over the floor. His hands got drown full in blood.


Scene I

“Reports have found sperms in her abdomen, I was too surprised to see it first, so I wanted to know the origin of all these, but ..” doctor got an interruption by Shalini,

” What are you saying doctor!! It is not possible, it is….but …is it possible ? Oh my brain is getting burst. I cant handle it. I informed Ramesh to come here to hospital and what if he……..”

Suddenly Shalini heard some dashed sound of door behind her. She saw Ramesh from his back, who was going out from hospital fast.

“Oh! Perhaps Ramesh has heard all the conversation. Oh My God, what will he do now?” Shalini shouted. But he disappeared from her as if he didn’t want to hear anything.


After many hours, Shalini got a call from a known person, informing that his husband was in police custody. Perhaps she knew the reason behind this.

[based on real life happening with someone among us]

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

Awe this was a sad, haunting story... beautifully written though.

Thu, January 24th, 2013 3:43pm

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