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Shaping of career is the difficult task for the students after 12th class & many of them are confused too.So here are some important Tips for those students who get confused in decision making.

After 12th class many of our youngsters are confused and don't know where to go now. some of them are misguided by their Friends,by their relatives & many of them are the victims of their parents decision.So here are some Tips for them so that they can at least know that How this is the best decision making time in their life.The tips are as under-

1. First think yourself that who You are & what are you made for?

2. This is the one of your Life's decision so don't let it be given in the hands of others.

3. Friends are only for your good time sharing but not for your career related.So nevr shake off your hands with them regarding this.

4. Relatives are only your advicers but not your Life decision bond.So their advices are only to listen but not always to be implement..

5. Parents,off course,no doubt plays a good role in shaping your career but sometimes they too are unaware about the latest scope & demand of the subject in the market.So instead of fighting with them ,your task is to tell them the about the latest technologies & ideas in the current world situation.

6. Last but not the least,YOU are the only one who can decide yourself that where you have to GO........?

For this You can recognize yourself from the very beginning-

Your inner traits

Your hidden talents

Your passion for your dreams

Your sources to Implement your ideas

Your financial & physical supporters

Your challenges in the lifes

Your moods of Depression

Your Luck & Fate

So always remember that Every student is not a brilliant one.Every one Has its Own potential.So if one has secured a lesser percentage then also He Or She can shape their career But the only need for them is the Right Guidance at the right time.

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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