Increasing Inflation- Increasing crime rate

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As the Inflation rate is shooting up in the metro cities in respect of the employment opportunities so the crime rate is also increasing a t a very fast rate.Lets see the consequences of the same.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Hello members,

Recently we have noticed that in the metro cities the price hike of the daily needs are shootinp up at a very sharp rate.Due to which many persons are un affordale to cover up their basic amenities of life too.Due to which Unemplayment is going on & every other person is becoming a mastermind to get some money from the easiest source of means.The Crime rate is going on at a very fast rate & the govt of India is unable to control the situation.

According to latest government statistics, Delhi accounted for 13.2 per cent of a total of 3,43,749 crimes reported in 35 mega cities across the country in 2009 followed by Bengaluru (9.4 per cent) and Mumbai (9.1 per cent).The city also reported 15.2 per cent cases (104 out of 684) of dowry deaths and 14.1 per cent cases (491 out of 3,477) of molestation."The highest crime rate of 16.0 was reported by Delhi as compared to national average of 2.1 against children," the report said.

So what the Govt should do?

1. Govt . should try to control the price hike so that an avearge worker can too met his daily needs.

2. Increasing the Employment opportunities so that many young & talented one use their minds in some productive work to get learn & earn.

3. Try to spread the moral values in the society so that everyone can know the after effects of a certain crime.

4. Last but not the least - As the price rising is a need for the govt similarly to adjust oneself in a limited income must be the need for a common man.

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