Internet Chatting- A serious issue

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Now a days Internet becomes a necessity for the young generation.But as it is a blessing on one hand its a curse on the other.Lets discuss about this internet chats.

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



Internet chatting

Internet chatting is a craze among the youngsters now a days.As many social networking sites are there so the youngsters often indulged in chats as a time passing activity.And more & more they are indulging ,the situation goes worst.There are many good & bad effects for the same as under-

Good effects

1. Older folks can easily chats about their school & college days.

2. Instant messaging saves their time & money.

3. A good way of connectivity to friends & relatives.

4. If someone is learning or gaining then this is the best way to learn.

5. A good way for group discussions.

6. A good & easy way to become extroverts & to remove hesitations.

7. A free of cost platform to learn English classes.

Bad Effects

1. These internet chats are very harmful for the younsters when they indulged with some unknown one as these unknown sometimes duped them badly & ruin their lives.

2. These chats are a craze in the beginning but later on they become a habitual part of ones life.

3. Similarly many married men & women create fake ids just for Fun chats which not only ruin the society but the youngsters too.

What Govt should do?

1. Govt should make a strict control to make fake ids or multiple ids on social networking sites to stop the crime.

2. Parents must be the authorised one for the teenagers A/c to get their updates.

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