Nature Speaks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This English poem highlights the importance of “Nature” in which Human being and nature both plays their role in giving and taking process . Many times Human being associate with nature in pursuing its day to day task and motivate Himself with its beauty , so one can say that Nature too speaks but the only difference is that We Human shouts but it speaks with sentiments.


Poem on Nature

Nature speaks ………
with the hidden peak ,
when long-long trees ,
shows its blossom leaves .

The blooming flowers ,
with many colours ,
adds the beauty ,
in the heart of Nature Lovers.

Chirping of birds ,
in the morning hours ,
make feel freshness to those ,
who are dedicated worshippers.

The moon , the sun , the stars fun ,
create happiness for those who run ,
They tried to chase them with feet ,
and fell down when came to know their defeat.

The crawling insects on the mud ,
inspired a dedication to float on flood ,
Thousands of them died under our feet ,
but still thousands live on prickly heat.

Hide and seek of squirrels on trees ,
motivate us to Live with please ,
as life is nothing but a game of play ,
where we learn new things on each day.

A floating river near the lake ,
tells us that we all are flakes ,
Those who float near the river aside ,
will surely reach to its destination with pride.

The sand , the stones , the rocky hills ,
are the obstacles that we swallowed in form of pills ,
First they all gave us burns ,
but after crossing they make new turns.

The humming bees , the beetle bugs ,
all create nuisance in empty mugs ,
sometimes we tried to follow their routine ,
but very soon left it as a short fun dream.

The hilly mountains , the highest peaks ,
lead us towards hardworking zeals ,
All that moment every person denies ,
that the human life contain smooth tries.

Cloudy weather and heavy rain ,
brings luck and fortune in our daily grain ,
The more and more our crops increase ,
the less and less our sorrow decrease .

Birds , animals , fishes and other living beings ,
plays a good role in ecological green ,
Human is also a part of this circle ,
as one life is enough to create a miracle .

In fact Human Life and nature ,
goes parallel in each situation ,
The only difference between both of them is ,
that Human shouts but nature speaks with sentiments.

Submitted: November 30, 2014

© Copyright 2021 praveen gola. All rights reserved.

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Nice thoughts...this shows that u r a nature lover..

Have a look on my writing:: A T!me to love

Thank u.!

Sun, November 30th, 2014 11:03am

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