Test-tube baby

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How a Test-tube baby feels when He grows up and face the comments of this society regarding the Test-tube baby.

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012





1.Test -Tube Baby - Poems On Babies

O’ Dear mom! O’ Dear mom!

Why You make me a cursed born?

Wherever I go……rumour  flows,

Look! Poor “Test-tube” Baby……There He goes.



Friends laughed at me….

Teacher tested me,

That I am the one….Whose,

IQ level is below averagely.




Made me a mocking fest,

That East or West……

Test-Tube baby is far from the Best.



God send me like a gift….

In your empty lap,

But this cruel world…

Hurt my feels with slap.



Some says- I’m like a “Tube”,

Whose bulb is always fuse,

Lewd comments……..Dirty sense,

Make me more confuse.



I surprise to see….

This 20th century brain,

Where modernity grows…

With mentality sane.



People never see the pain behind,

Which a lady suffer for motherhood,

Excess money,excess pain…..

Still her baby called as- “No Brain”.



Though medical science proves,

Fertility can happen with tube.

But How can our society cope up?

The “Burning Heart ” of a grown up.



Yes, I am a “Test-Tube” Baby,

A miracle of experiments,

Though process is artificial…

But a reality of sentiments.



So a message from my side-

Don’t demoralize my pride,

As I am the one….

Whose future is very bright.



Lets shake our hands!

And make me your friend.

I am like yours….

Whose birth is a well end.

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