Web Love

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Deep down the valleys,Deep down the emotions,A web Love is the one,Which grows in slow motions.An unknown Gal or Guy,A sudden Good Bye,

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




Deep down the valleys,

Deep down the emotions,

A web Love is the one,

Which grows in slow motions.


An unknown Gal or Guy,

A sudden Good Bye,

Made them crazy,

For deep Fly.


A next day promise,

A long wait,

Perhaps the Lover Came,

To get the Bait.


A safe crush,

A hidden lust,

No one knows,

About that trust.


Hidden desires,

Grows into fires,

When they both,

Tie it into wire.


Slowly and gradually,

The scene change,

The Web Lovers,

Gone out of range.


They become wild,

From emotions of mild,

And tried to fetch,

The imaginary ride.


False Ids…..False Mails,

False Phrases……False tales,

An unknown world….

A time-pass hails.


A new century style,

Amongst the youngsters file,

Searching a nymphet,

On their web-net.


Text chats…..Chat boxes,

Vulgar talks…..Vulgar scenes,

Web Cams ON….

To lay them bon-bon.


A foreign Culture..

Make them Vulture,

A copied trend,

Destroy their future.


Sometimes they Black-mailed,

By many cyber criminals,

And later they realized,

What they lost with the scene behind.


Its a temporary Fun,

Shot with a LIVE gun,

In which many youngsters,

Get tried to run.


But these Web Fu*ks….

Become a dangerous one,

If on the other window….

Some Criminal bucks.


And no one can file,

A suit for this bile,

As there is no clue left,

For this web pile.


And now this Web fun,

Becomes a new game for Run,

As the youngsters are more addicted,

Towards these social networking Pun.


A scene created without marriage ties,

A practice for Future rides,

A short while scenarios….

Made them Romeos.


But such Web Love….

Is the love of platonic,

Which the Youngsters…

Treat as a tonic.


But the Indian Society,

Is now a days get fast,

As they learn the magic,

Of their olden last.


The difference is …..

That the olden kings,

Lust for the dancers in their court,

And the youngsters of Today…..Lust for their Web Port.

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