My Journey to Shimla

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Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Mohan:Where are we going mom?

Mohan’s mom: We are going to Shimla.

Mohan:But why?

Mohan’s mom: To see your Grandparent’s.


Mohan is a seven year old boy living with his family in Delhi. He is unaware from anaccident that is going to change his life.

A day before leaving for Shimla


Mohan:Hurray! The summer vacation will be starting from tomorrow.

Mohan’s mom: Yes, but now you go to bed. We have to depart for Shimla tomorrow.

Mohan:Yes mom.

 Next Morning


Mohan:Mom Where is Dad.

Mohan’s mom: He is busy in packing.


Mohan love to travel especially in trains. He is very happy because they are going by train.

Mohan’s Dad: I’m done with packing. Come on; let’s go we are running late for train.


They picked up a cab to go to station. They reached at the station on time. But, the train was late. So, they were sitting in a waiting room.


In a waiting room

Mohan:Dad, when we are going to leave for Shimla.

“When you wish” his dad replied in a joking manner.

Mohan’s mom: Dear will you please go to the information counter and check when our train is goingto come.

Mohan’s Dad: Yes, I was also thinking about this.


From the information counter he got informed that their train is cancelled due to some technical error. The whole family was very disappointed. Mohan’s grandparents were seriously ill. They need to go to Shimla as soon as possible.

When they were going back to a home in a cab Mohan say’s why don’t we go by airplane? His dad say’s it’s an excellent idea. His dad book 3 tickets for Shimla.


Mohan:Dad, when we are leaving for Shimla.

Mohan’s Dad: By this evening son.

They reached home. Mohan was very tired and he slept on sofa. His dad picked him to the bed. Mohan was very tired by waiting for train after all he is a 7 year old boy.

When Mohan awaked it was evening.”Get ready son. We are going to airport” his mom said. He was still tired but he loved his grandparents and was very excited about it.

They departed for airport. The flight was on time. They picked a flight.


Next Morning

 The day was really beautiful. The atmosphere was cheering. They arrived to Shimla airport in morning. On the airport Mohan’s uncle was waiting for them. Mohan was really happy to watch that they are in Shimla. Shimla is a very beautiful town. The people of this town are very good in nature and they are always ready to help each other.

Mohan went to his grandparent’s house in his uncle’s car. His grandparents were very happy to see him and so he was. Mohan was emotionally attached with his grandparents.

He talked to his grandparent’s whole day. They tell him lot’s of stories. It seems that his grandparent’s health was improving. But on that night they died when Mohan was sleeping. When Mohan awaked he was shocked that his grandparents are no more.

His father came to him and said, “Son don’t be so sad. This is the rule of nature. A person who came on this earth will have to depart.”

Mohan was very sad and he doesn’t spoke a single word.

Day’s in and Day’s out since the time pass everything seems to be better. The summer vacation comes to an end. Mohan and his family were ready to go back to Delhi. They went to Delhi. This incident changes the entire life of Mohan. This incident was heartbreaking for him. But the life must have to move on.

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