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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Work in progress/Short short story. Endearing tale about a woman and her period.

Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014



"God, i'm going to be in so much pain", she thought.


The sensation crept faintly now within her. But she knew the tempo was bound to change at any moment. After all, that time of the month rose and fell with the cadences of the Jaws theme. She had woke up to that first kick of life; Feeling the initial tug of pain automatically foreclose every desire she had to do anything.


Now, begrudged, she lightly groaned, writhing in bed. But it was not a full fledged caterwaul. Not yet.


She felt a knot move down inside of her. It was slow in approaching the epicenter, which she figured was either the Uterus or Ovaries.


“Like an object near the edge of a black hole”, she imagined.


Time slowed down here and the procession of the somatic mass divined a future of torment to come.


Unfurling herself from a fetal position, _____ stared at the ceiling. She lowered her eyelids and watched the phantom glow from the light bulb above dance around in the blackness on the inside of her closed eyes.


She felt a well of blood gathering down there. It was an uncomfortable feeling. A world inside of her that she could neither see nor control. She wondered if it accumulated in one place or if it evaporated on the walls of the endometrium like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave.


She took a moment to picture this.


When she opened her eyes she was in a cave. ___ starred at the ceiling, still half in reverie. Through the blurred vision of R.E.M sleep, or rather, from its netherworld of waking and dreaming, she could not register the billions of membranous crevices, holes, cavities, and veins above. At the ground level the cave was a brownish purple. But the same color reached gradually upwards and upwards until the very tip of the cave itself tapered off into a light pink.


The young woman took a deep breath, closed her eyes and shook her head violently so as to ward off the lethargy. Simultaneous she motioned to get up. At this point the ground beneath her thrusted forward like a conveyor belt. It shook her awake almost immediately.


Within seconds ___ was on her feet. Startled and confused, she stumbled around the unknown territory. Something red was dripping from the ceiling into a small pool below.








She reached out a hand and the liquid drippedinto the palm.



Apprehensively she brought it to her nose and got a whiff of something...Acrid and sharp. Bitter. Iron. She didn't even have to guess.


“That is...Definitely blood”, she said, a faint echo carried her voice.

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