Power Ninjas ep1 s1

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its about 3 friends who get theses super powers and fight evil monsters and The Black Queen and some new friends come along

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012






Three friends Payton ,Lysa ,and Ronnie were walking home from a movie.While they were walking they were talking about the movie they saw. Payton said "How cool would it be if people could have powers and fight like that.", Lysa said "Pretty amazing but thats impossible to get super powers like in the movie".Then out of the blue a paper flew into Payton's face and he screamed " IM BLIND IM BLIND" Ronnie cought Payton and Lysa grabed the paper off his face and it said "Get your future told,talk from beyond the grave located at 4350 New Port Drive ". Payton looked at both of them and said "lets go", Lysa looked at Ronnie and he said "yeah sure we dont have to be home till 11". When they got to the store ,they walked in and saw spices,books ,and a room that said "PRIVATE". Ronnie yells out "Hey is anyone here? I wanna talk to my dead dog" he snickered and Payton elbowed him in the arm, then a guy came out and looked up and gave them a scared looked and said under his breath "The three" Lysa said "say what? , "nothing ,nothing would you like you future read " ask the man. they said "Yeah sure why not" . The man led them to the room that said "PRIVATE", Ronnie said to Payton"If we die im blaming you" and Payton shhed him.When they got in there the man told them to sit down, he asked what can i do for you today, Lysa said "just tell us our futures". The man said" oh excuse me but but my name is River" Ronnie said under his breath "River nice name" Payton and Lya gave him a mean look.River ask for lysa's hand he told her"your future is very bright i see your mind is very strong your a healer and you are very strong", she said "thats cool, River took Payton's and told him"Your a healer too i see your about to be under the weather and your about to fly too, Payton said"Wow" River was about to take Ronnie's hand but he jerk back, Lysa said "Ronnie come on do it " Ronnie rolled his eyes and gave River his hand,River told Ronnie"you are very fast runner ,a healer like your friends and you are a fireball too, Ronnie took his hand back and said "ok",River told them to put their hands on the cryistal ball. When they put their hands on the ball it started to glow and a big light covered the room.Lysa woke up in her bed the next morning wondering if she has a dream or not, when she turned off her alarm clock she broke it in to pieces and she jumped out of her bed in fear, when she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and there was a cup of water sitting on the counter and she pushed it off she tried to catch it she put her hand out and the glass and water was floating in thin air and in shock she droped it, When she went down stairs she asked her mom "when did i come home last night?", Her mom said" around 10:30 why Lysa said i was just wondering.When Lysa got to school she saw Ronnie and Payton talking, she gave Ronnie a hug and asked "do you rember going to that wierd place last night"? , Payton asked "you had that dream too?" Lysa said it wasent a dream and why are you wearing sun glasses, Payton lifted his glasses and his eyes were grey and Lysa said what happend to you,Payton said"I dont know i woke up with my eyes like this.Lysa said "After school we will go to that weird shop"Ronnie said "But i got football practice after school and nothing has happend to me"Payton muttered under his breath "Yet"Lysa said "ok ". The 5 minute bell rang and Ronnie walked lysa to class and gave her a hug , While walking down the hall Ronnie looked at his hands and they were red and blistry he just stuck his hands in his pockets and went to class,when he go in class he texted Lysa asking did he hurt her hands because they were blistery and he also texted dont tell Payton i dont wanna freak him out she texted back no my hands are fine and ok.In class Payton looked like he was asleep and Lysa shoved him and he went flying across the room in his chiar ,Payton gave her a look like what did i do , Lysa had an oh crap look and put her hands under the desk.After school let out they met at the gym ,Ronnie said to Lysa "Text me when you find out something"she said "ok".Then coach Juilen yelled out "Hester husle"Lysa gave him a hug goodbye,Ronnie started to run and ran as fast as you couldent see him,he was 20 feet from the field house and he was there in a secound.Payton asked Lysa "you saw that too right"Lysa said "Hell yeah" While walking to her car Payton said under his breath "Nothing Happend to him my ass"Lysa gave a chuckle and went to her car. While looking for the shop Lysa said this is useless we will never find it what do you think Payton" he didnt answer Lysa yells "Payton where did you go". he was getting a pretzel, he looked at Lysa and said "What i got hungery." Lysa said "where are you at shop."Then a peice of paper flew into Paytons face and Payton Yells "IM BLIND IM BLIND again." Lysa got the paper of his face and said this is the place and walked of and Payton was looking down and said "your buying me another pretzle."When they walked into the store Lysa yelled "River where you at we have to talk to you." They heard a locking sound from the door that said "PRIVATE" so Payton knocked on the door and said "Hey River get out here my eyes are grey,my friend has super speed and my friend over here has Buffy strength. Lysa looked up and pushed Payton to the side and kicked the door down. Lysa walked in and said "Hello River" and Payton stuck his head in there and said "Holy crap" . River was reading a news paper and drinking coffy, He said "Welcom back how can i help you today."Lysa picked him up in the air by his shirt neck said "I have super strength and things flout when i try to catch things, my friend has grey eyes and my boyfreind has burn hands and super speed and Payto said "What happend?" River said "Ill explain everything just put me down" so Lysa put him down and he said"Last night when when i read your hands i gave you powers". Payton asked then why do i have grey eyes for?" River said "Your power is that you can control the weather ,you just have to yell somthing to do with weather like Thunder, lighting ,rain ,snow, ect. Payton lifted his arms and yelled "THUNDER" and a roar of thunder came from out side.River said "now take the sun glasses off and Lysa said "Payton your eyes are back to normal."River said "now Lysa your power is you have super strength and you can control things with your mind". Lysa said "Way cool". Payton said " What about Ronnie"? River said "Oh the tall one, well he has super speed and he can throw fire ." Lysa said thats why his hands were burnt". River asked "where is the tall boy" Lysa said "Hes at football practrice why." River got a scared look and ran in the back room saying "No no no" he cam back out with a crystal ball and looking at the ball he said said "This kid is on his way to your school i think his name was ." Lysa said "His name is john hes my crazy ex". River said"You guys should go to your school hes on his way now ,he came in last week the guy looked so sad so i gave him an energy ball power sorry." Lysa said "we have to go ill drive" River said "no you dont." Payton can travle by the weather."On the football field Ronnie was running past everybody fast and making touchdowns.Then all of a sudden a big light hit the field and everybody els was off but Ronnie. Ronnie was looking through the smoke and he heard "Hello Ronald" Ronnie looked past the smoke and he saw it was john and Ronnie said " What are you doing here?"John said "im here to take back Lysa",Ronnie said "Well i dont think you can have her, im with her".Then John formed an energy ball and said" Whats your offer now"?Then Ronnie took his fire ball out and said "My offer is still no sorry."Then they though the fire ball and energy ball at each other.Then all of a sudden a big gust of wind went through , then Payton and Lysa were on a tornado and while up there Lysa was saying "This so cool" Payton said with his grey eyes "i know right". Then Payton yelled out"TORONADO DOWN!" Then the tornado became smaller and landed on the field . Payton said "whats up Ronnie",Lysa looked at John and said "Leave everone alone and go." John said "I will never leave you alone."Then Paytons eyes went grey and he yelled out "LIGHTNING!!!"and the lighting strike struck next to John and Lysa said "go now befor i sick Payton on you." and John walked off and said "Ill be back befor you know it" then a big ball of light covered him and he as gone. Ronnie said "Payton that was so cool how guys came in the twister." Lysa said "Now how are we going to get back to the shop?" Payton said"we could go by rain" and he shout out "rain!" and it started to rain,He said "not what i was going for" then he shouted out "wind take us to the shop! " then a gust of wind took them to the shop.When they got to the shop River was sitting at the counter and they came in from the wind.River said "Hey guys so hows it going" Lysa said now i know how a leafe feels"Ronnie said this is so cool i can make fire and run fast, Payton can contol the weather and What happend to the door,Payton said"Oh Lysa kinda kicked it with her suuuper strength."Ronnie said "And my girlfriend has super stength." River went to the back room to get somthing and he came out with a crystal ball and said "Place your hands on the crystal ball , it will give you your hole powers". They placed their hands on it and the ball started to glow and River said"You have full power now".River said "ok lets to a little test, Lysa try to bend this steel pipe." She bent the pipe and broke it, River said good now move that mug with your eyes or hands." She moved the mug with her hand and she broke it,she went to far she said "Well thats cool now i can get things when im sick"! River told Payton to make it rain , Payton lifted his arms up an his eyes go grey and he yelled out rain and it started to rain outside and River also said "try to fly."Payton lifted up his arms and he started to float and tryed to fly but spinned around saying "guys get me down "Ronnie got him down and he also said "now i can go swimming any time i want and we can get out of school because of snow".River said "Tall boy give me fire " Ronnie placed his hand out and concetrated on the fire, a fireball came out of his hand and he ask "how do i put it out? " River said "thats tomorrow task" Payton put his hand over Ronnie's hand and it rained on his hand and the fire was out.River told them all"This is a big deal you have to save to world from the forces of evil and dont use you powers for personal gain do you promis"? They all looked at each other and said "were in".


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