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I am no writer. But sometimes, imagination hits me and I decide to do something. In the majority of times I draw something but when I imagine stories I decide to write them.

Submitted: August 26, 2017

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Submitted: August 26, 2017



And I thought that I would never write about you again. Apparently I was wrong, so wrong. Besides continuing writing about you, I keep thinking about you and keep planning on doing some shit with your car (It´s not that I haven´t done yet XD). I´ve taken those things that clean the front window and recently punctured your tires. It´s silly and dangerous, I know, but I can´t help it and about the tires, unless you´re blind and stupid you would notice that the tires were flat so you would not go anywhere. For some reason I needed to do such things, it makes me feel better. What disturbs me is the following: In the majority of days I do not give a shit about you, we were together, now we are not, shit happen, life moves on, but at a certain time of the month I get crazy, totally crazy! On these days it seems like I totally lose control of my mind and I go nuts! I keep imagining things. I do not like you anymore, so why do I keep thinking and imagining stuff?!

But, I keep asking myself: Why my mind keeps tricking me with this kind of fantasies?! But questioning myself does not help it.

I was preparing for another work day. I had already done the first shift, now after a small break it was time for another one. Still, despite having a lot of things to do, my mind was occupied thinking about you. I was wondering if you could be in that coffee shop, where I saw you once. And at this point, this shit had no sense. WHY?! WHY YOU WOULD BE THERE?! I SAW YOU at that shop, only ONCE! Why in heck you would be there again? Yet, there is no limit for a woman´s imagination, so I kept dreaming. The fact that a few days ago I punctured your tires, not an easy thing to do by the way, only made things worse on my mind, I wanted you to be pissed at me, I wanted you to confront me, but deep down I knew you were a pussy, you would come to me only if I burned your car…. But still, you never know.

I was going down the escalator, on my way to work, when suddenly I saw you, sitting there, in the coffee shop. Our eyes would find each other and I would laugh upon the stupid face you would make when you would see me. I would have to walk nearby just to piss you off, one more time. In a few minutes I had the chance, my boss went home so I took the keys and went to the hotel entrance. I passed through you, smirking, and you saw me. For a moment I was afraid that you would not have the courage but I was glad when I saw you following me, I kept going to the elevator. I pressed the elevator button when suddenly you grabbed my arm. Pretending to be surprised, I turned around and yelled:

-What the hell…? - But was interrupted by him

- Why did you do it? - He yelled with an angry yet a sexy face.

- I did what?! What the hell are you doing? Leave me!!

He left my arm but kept yelling at me:

- Do not pretend you do not know what I am talking about…. - the elevator doors opened and I entered not letting him finishing, but he followed me. Pressing the button to close the doors he continued yelling: - I know that you did it. I can´t prove it, but I know. Do you at least imagine what you could have done?! I could have had an accident…. I smirked at him, only a blind person would not see the flat tires… I never liked when somebody was yelling at me, but in this case I was enjoying it so much. My efforts had a result, I had his attention, and I had him pissed off right in front of me. When he saw my face I could see him becoming even angrier, I never knew he could be like this. He always was very soft and calm. But not now, and some way I found it very sexy and provocative:

- What is this about?! You asked me to leave you and now you´re doing this! WHY?!

- I haven´t done anything! I work from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. I do not have time to eat properly, so I could not do the things you imagined I did…. - I secretly laughed

- You may work a lot, but I know that when you want to do something, you do it no matter what. And I remember very well what you promised me to do, if I would hurt you. The things is: I did not hurt you! You were the one who told me to leave you alone! - He yelled again, but as he said this it was my turn to yell:

-Me?! You were the one who did not gave me attention!!!! What I was supposed to do? After your birthday you never went to see me again! You just texted me sometimes, asking and telling some dumb shit!


- You fucking asshole! That´s not an excuse! If you would, at least, like me, not telling love me, you would try to spend time with me. But your sleep and gym was so much more important! You never sacrificed anything for me! When I studied at the university, I could sleep 2 hours a day and spend 12 hours at the university but I still wanted to be with you, no matter what! You on the other side! Well, you always had an excuse for everything! Not telling that you never came to me for no reason, you always had to ask: “Hey, I´m around your house, do you want me to come?” – Tell me, who the fuck asks that?! You like somebody and you go see them, you can ask if I am available, not if I want to see you!

- I just wanted to be polite!

- YEAH! Tell me stories cause I like them! - I haven´t noticed that we were both in the elevator and that It was not working until it went up for no reason, apparently somebody called it. – Anyway, despite everything, I haven´t done anything….

- DON´T LIE TO ME! You punctured my tires, I know you did it – at the moment he yelled this the elevator doors opened, people who were outside apparently were frightened by his yelling because they went to the stairs. It was the second floor, I walked out the elevator. He followed me and grabbed my arm again, this time with so much strength that he was actually hurting me.

- Stop, you dumbass, you´re hurting me! – I shouted because actually I started to be afraid of him, he was so angry, I don´t know why I kept doing this, by doing this to him I just reached a new level of stupidity. He did not leave my arm, he kept walking, dragging me after him. I did not know where he was about to take me, it appeared to me that he was looking for a quiet place. We were at a dead end of the corridor, he pushed me against the wall, left my arm, and punched for some reason the wall. The way he did it, I got Goosebumps all around my body, he did not even shake the hand, obviously it did not hurt him as much as it would hurt me.

- Tell me the truth, why did you do it?!

- I…I… - I did not know what to say, I was scared, his face made me feel frightened and I decided to tell the truth.- Yes… I did it.

- That part I know already, now tell me the reason!

- It was your last message! The things you said it was like you never liked me, I was just a person with whom you spent time on purpose to forget about your ex. When I read the message it was so clear to me, why you hardly ever gave me attention, why you never told me any compliments… - It was getting hard to say it, the knot in the throat and the tears made the talk so difficult I could barely speak – It was clear, you never liked me. - At the moment I said this he lifted my head gently and kissed me. It was so unexpected that I didn´t even had time to react I just responded to the kiss. Despite the tears in my eyes, this was the most incredible kiss I ever had. It was so passionate and at the same time gentle that I couldn´t breathe. With every single move it appeared to me that he was apologizing for the shit we had done to each other. He pressed me against him so hardly that it was like he was saying: “Sorry for letting you go, it was never my intention”. All of this made me feel like I was on seven´s heaven above the universe. I never felt so good in my life, I did not know that with a single kiss a person could feel so wonderful. I just melted in his arms, our rage transformed into something beyond belief. I was feeling every movement with such passion with such desire, like it was the last seconds of my life. And it was, as I opened my eyes I understood that I was still in my house´s bathroom and everything of that was simply a piece of art made by my imagination, none of it was real. With sadness in my eyes I had to come back to reality and realize that I would never had something like that in my life.


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