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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

March 10, 2012 I went down to Tampa, FL for a birthday party and i meet a guy..... someone now that is only in my memories. Enjoy

Back home i wasnt in the mood to deal with another guy in my life.

Jacob broke my heart in 3 while Marty well it wasnt working out.

I gave up everything with everyone and said forget about it.

I went to the party knowing something or someone was going to make me go crazy. 

I see my sweet Ligia. I havent seen her in 4 years and now it seems so weird so crazy so strange. 

I promised her we will close the gap between she and I.. with that promise i did keep.

Then i saw you... Beautiful as can be. Tall, white, brown eyes, short black hair, wearing all black. I thought i was in love.

I started dancing like there was no tomorrow. I started to go crazy started singing with words that i have neverd heard of. 

You came by me asking how did i move like this. I told you it was all in the music. Just stick to it and then flow. 

You did. I thought it was cute that you tried your hardest to dance but yet it kinda seem like it wasnt working out but still it was cute.

Slow dance came and i didnt know no one there but my Ligia. I danced with the girls who had no one either. 

I saw you dance with some girl i didnt know. I dont think she even liked me..

Then my new friends asked if you wanted to slow dance with me.. thinking you had a little feeling you came and danced.

I felt like thousands of angels lifted me up into the clouds and cured my heart whenever you touched me. 

Knowing i was running out of time. 

My new friends asked me if you wanted my cell phone number. Thinking you had a thing you said yes.

I gave it to you saying text me every day. 

I wanted to know your name so i told them to bring you near but being scared i didnt know what to really say.

You asked me if i wanted to dance and of course i got up and said sure!!

I swear i tripped over 3 chairs getting to you.

We dance the night away. I felt safe in your arms.

I found out that you were only 14 years old. But i didnt care i just wanted you.

I left that night feeling like a princess. Knowing someone cared that i wasnt a ghost to someone 

Now its been 1 month and 13 days. 

1 month and 13 days of heartache, or crying or trying to forget..

No that i do not like you anymore and now that you've broken my heart i just want to thank you

Thank you for giving me a good time but thank you for showing me that i mean a lot to someone even though we never meet

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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