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Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012




AUGUST 21, 2016

It is a wonderful day!

It was 6:30 in the morning. He went out for a jogging, his morning routine. He doesn’t have any idea that today would be the biggest surprise of his life. That he is being watched.

Finally, I uttered one last prayer and dialed his number. He answered his phone in the third ring.

“Good Morning! Can I join you for a long run?” I asked gleefully.

Instead of answering, he looked around as if searching for something.

“Who are you looking for?” I mused.

“Where are you?”

“In your heart, right?” I joked. “Turn around.” And he did.

He was obviously stunned. I turned off my phone and started to walk towards him. I was wearing a white statement shirt that says, “BE MINE & MAKE ME YOURS”, tight fit jeans, and my favorite sneakers. My long black hair was pulled back into a neat pony tail. I only applied face powder and lipstick. I don’t want to appear overexcited even though I actually am. I was very nervous. He was staring at me intently. Oh, how I love those beautiful eyes, particularly useful for hiding emotions, because I cannot get a hint of what he’s thinking.

“h-hi.” I stammered.

“Charmaine…” he whispered my name and I like the sound of it. He has the most beautiful male voice I’ve ever heard.

He came closer to me. He reached for my face. My heart was thumping so fast. Just when I thought that he’ll kiss me, he pinched my cheek. “You’re real…” he said skeptically. I smiled, I relaxed a little. He set his eyes on me. I don’t know how to start a conversation. The lines that I practiced over and over again in front of the mirror are not helping me now. I can’t even construct a single coherent sentence.

My insides were quaking in a thoroughly distracting way. For the first time in my life, I thought I might actually faint. I prayed, “Not now, please.”

If this is Jesse McCartney, I’ll still be cool and composed. But this is different, it’s him. The manthat I’ve loved for the past years of my life and the very same man that I know I will love forever and beyond.

I looked at his eyes, his nose, and his lips. As if memorizing his features. And I’m thinking, “I wonder what those lips could do. He was breath-takingly handsome that I want to embrace him…” and I suddenly realized that I said it out loud. And Before I could take it back, his lips curved into a smile, amusement in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight. He was so close that I could smell his scent, so sweet. My heart was leaping with joy. There are no roses, no music, no cinematic effect, no everything. Just the two of us. But this is perfect. I feel like I am in the right place at the right time with the right person. I could feel my heart wanting to burst into a song as I slowly eased into comfort being with him. Then, he holds my hand and I suddenly want to recite a line from an OWL CITY’s song, “The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly”

He took me for a long walk as we talked. Whenever he smiles at me, I feel like I’m under a spell of love or of him, I cannot tell. This is my very first official date.

Before the night ends, I gently pull him into a headlock, my arms around his neck, and I closed my eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

“We’ll see each other again, right?” he asked pleading.

“Of course. This is the best day of my life.” I sincerely answered.

“I love you...” he told me.

“I love you more…forever and always.” I smiled. My ears and cheeks were flashing red.

He cupped my face and draws his face near mine, and kisses my lips passionately. I kissed him back with equal passion.

We’ll hold on to the promise of forever.

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