Finding your SOULMATE?

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An essay turned into a story of a lifetime. :)

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




#1: Single ka ba ngayon? Don’t worry…Single parin naman siya, kasi wala ka pa sa piling niya..


#2: He is the Extension of yourself, you are the extension of his. Therefore, you feel each other’s sorrow & happiness. 


#3: When you get face-to-face with your soulmate, it seems like the clock stop moving…you were Oblivious of the people around you. You see nothing but HIM. 


#4: When he stares at you, it seems that there’s a strange force pulling you closer to him. Maybe he has magnetic eyes. (How about that?)   


#5: Even when you saw each other the first time, your heart skip a beat, and it says that you know him/her for years eventhough you actually don’t. It’s just that familiar feeling that drives you crazy. 


#6: Whenever you see that person, you feel that he fills the emptiness within you. That he could make your bad days brighter with just one glance.


#7: When your soulmate smile at you, it makes you smile back. And you feel like your heart grows bigger than your body, that it wanted to jump off your chest. 


#8: When you hold hands, you feel a sudden shiver through your veins. And you feel like you were in wonderland. He’s all that matters to you. 


#9: When he embrace you, it feels like home. That somehow, you belong right there, you fit perfectly into his arms. It brings spark into your eyes.


#10: When he kissed you, it’s like your whole world turned upside down. You got weak in the knees. It seems like a magical moment. And when you were alone, you closed your eyes and feel his kiss once more…


#11: When the both of you are together, even just staring at each other, doing nothing, or talking nonsense things, made the both of you happy inside. You find peace in each other’s company. Being together is definitely a piece of heaven. Those days were the happiest moments of your crazy life.  


#12: Along the process, you unintentionally hurt each other, you decided to part ways. Eventhough, it also means losing a big part of yourself. (Hate this part) 


#13: You both cried, you miss each other terribly. But afraid to take chances again. How you wish, PRIDE was out of story.


#14: You linger on to memories. That’s what keeps you going. Until such time, after so many years, your roads crossed again. You froze. Your world froze. Looking at him makes you want to thank GOD for that wonderful moment. You wanted to hug him. But you cannot move. 


#15: He utter the word, “I’m sorry…” then a long pause. “I miss you…” he sighed. You were stunned. You run out of words. So instead of talking, you go near him, you tiptoed and kiss him with tears in your eyes. It feels like yesterday. That it made you wish, Today would never end.  


#16: He embraced you tight. And he still have that effect in you. You told him, you still love him. He said, he never stop loving you. And that’s all the both of you need. You felt an overwhelming happiness inside.  


#17: You promise each other that you won’t let go of each other again. You will always be together no matter what happens. You decided to get married. And eventhough, you already have kids, you never stop loving each other. Until, you grow old and what’s left with your memories is the moments that you’ve shared together. Your tombstone doesn’t mean that the LOVE dies. It means another Love Story for a second life.   


#18: Years of separation will never outgrow TRUE LOVE. When your souls collide, it will became one. And you will be incomplete without each other. That’s what we call SOULMATES.   


Take a grip of REALITY. But LIVE your DREAMS & make it REAL. 


I would dedicate this to the SOULMATE believers; to those who don’t…I can’t do anything about that. 


You may find some mistakes with any of this. But remember, I’m just HUMAN. I’m perfectly imperfect.  


Have you ever wonder why does LOVE cannot be explained by SCIENCE? Cannot be solved by Mathematics? Even History can’t tell its Origin. Because LOVE is a Mystery. It is a GIFT. 


How I wish, there’s a course like this. TEACHER EDUCATION major in LOVE. Hehe.  


Study HARD not Study HEART!

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