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i wrote this when i got brokenhearted. it's too painful, you know.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



In love, when nothing goes right..we breakup, we have to say goodbye, we have to let go, no matter how hard it is, expect the tears, the loneliness and sorrow, yes it hurts..that pain will leave a permanent scar in our hearts. It just that, there are things that are never meant to last forever..

Sometimes, we have to get hurt in order for us to be strong and to learn in they say, LOVE&PAIN are twins..

If you love someone, no matter how hard you try not to hurt that person, she’ll feel it eventually without your intention. Bless the parting and move on...(Easier said than done, huh) but don’t dwell in the won’t do you any good..after the breakup, love yourself more..continue to live for yourself, keep your dreams intact, set your goals and reach for it.

Never hate..hindi dahil iniwan ka, hindi ibig sabihin, hindi ka na mahal, may mga bagay lang talaga sa mundo na kailangan nating gawin, kahit na ayaw pa natin. Everything happens for a reason..eventhough we cannot understand what it could possibly be..we should be willing to accept..

Move forward, after the rain, there is a & love..


“It’s when you hurt the worst that you loved the most”


“Take caution when falling in love”


“feel the pain until it hurts no more”



“no pain, no gain”


“hindi lahat ng iniiwanan ay binabalikan, at hindi lahat ng nawawala ay pinapalitan..”




It’s kinda weird how we go from being strangers to being being more than friends..and suddenly back to being friends again. I was so devastated when he broke up with me..(or is it a mutual decision? whatever !)I told myself that from then, I’ll hate him and I’ll forget everything about him..but the thing is, i simply just can’t. Every song I hear reminds me of how we used to be..he invaded my life, then became a great part of I lost myself when he left me..

I thought that what we had will last forever, but I was wrong..but I bear no grudge, maybe the ‘break-up’ wasn’t that bad at all, maybe he’s’s for the better..every detail in my life reminds me of him..i cried a river, I was hurt, my heart is broken, I can’t hardly breath, what a deadly nightmare !

It felt like, he took my life when he left I keep all the things that makes me remember him, the letters, the pictures, everything..damn those memories..NO! those were precious memories, says my heart..

I wanted to start again, without any trace of him..but then again, I still need him to help me..i’m contented now that I still have him, somehow it helped me to cope up, to survive..OA na kung OA, I was deeply hurt because I love him so much, I fought for him, I hold on, but he just let go of us that easily..but I should learn to forgive, to let go of the memories, I should be happy..

And if you’ll ask me if I’ve moved on..well, I’m getting there..closer.. :))


Dry your tears, more goodbyes…











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