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I'll let you judge if what i wrote in this one is all true. :)

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011





Sabi nila, the sweetest truth about “playboys”: is no matter how many girls they’ve flirted all day long, but in the middle of the night, before they sleep, they think of “only one girl” they truly love & care..


If you’re gonna ask me, kung naniniwala ako dun, I’ll answer “yes!” coz before I sleep, I think of the “man I love”..actually, ayoko sa mga “playboys”, making the girls fall for them, paaasahin nila, then paiiyakin..andaming nilang “angst” sa buhay, isn’t that stupid?? But I’m not blaming you guys.. ‘coz girls has their own faults too..kung hindi niyo hinayaan ang puso niyong magmahal at magpakatanga, hindi kayo masasaktan..but come to think of it..kasama yung “pain” na yan eh..coz “love & pain” are twins..walang nagmahal na hindi wala ding nagmahal ang hindi nagpakatanga kahit minsan sa mga buhay nila..


Sabi nila, masarap daw magmahal ang mga lalaking mapaglaro..their sweet tounge can take you to heaven..their lies can drive you crazy..their existence can turn your world upside down! But be sure to know how to play their good at it..if you don’t want to end up hurting yourself and crying at one corner hating that “guy”..


Ito ang mga katagang madalas marinig mula sa mga bibig ng mga “playboy”: “I LOVE YOU!”, “YOU’RE DIFFERENT”, “I’LL NEVER HURT YOU!”, “YOU’RE IMPORTANT TO ME..” kalokohan! If I know, sinasabi naman nila yan sa lahat ng girls nila..but once they told you: “I love you, but I don’t deserve you, you deserve someone better” then he walked away with loneliness and sincerity, dun! Dun ka maniwalang, they really care for you or maybe..just maybe..they truly love you.

Marami dyan, para lang nagbibihis kung magpalit ng girlfriend at ang malala pa, kung minsan pinagsasabay-sabay pa..think of a thousand girls na umiiyak because of those stupid guys..hello! boys! Your mother & sister is a “girl” you have to respect us the way you respect them..sabi nga ng dati kong crush..”ang babae minamahal, hindi sinasaktan”..


One thing I love about “playboys” is when true love hits them, they don’t know how to handle it, they’re panicking..and they’re becoming the most stupid person that they can be..:))


Hindi ko hinuhusgahan yung mga taong “naglalaro sa pag-ibig” maybe they have their reasons why they end up doing that..just be careful..pipiliin nyo yung mga taong lolokohin niyo..


One thing is for sure about playboys..if you learn to love them, teach them to love you even more..dahil kapag they felt that they found the right girl, iiwan nila ang lahat for you, they’re willing to sacrifice and to give up everything just for you.


“playboy” are just the term, they were never the people you think they are..they’re just “victims of love” sometimes they can’t differentiate “like” from “love” or “want” from “need” they’re just searching for the right girl hoping that in loving “multiple girls” it will be easy for them to find the right one, it is not their intention to hurt us,,it’s just that we’re so vulnerable and we let ourselves to be blinded by our emotions..

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