when he met my parents

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Parents meet boyfriend--A disaster with love!

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



November 11, 2016

He is wearing a sky blue checkered long-sleeved polo which was folded until his elbow and denim jeans. He looks really handsome & charming tonight. He could smile away the thunder and kiss away the rain. My parents wanted him to join us for dinner. I looked at him as we went inside our house. If he’s nervous, he is good at hiding it. I feel like I’m more tensed than he is, this is the first time that I brought a guy with me for my parents to personally meet him.

I sniffed at him, catching a whiff of his perfume.

“Have you showered your Perfume?” I teased him.

He automatically blushed and I find it so cute. That boyish smile makes me want to hug him. He looks like a teenager in front of his crush.

“Do I smell good?” he managed to ask.

“You smell delicious…sweet. Perfect for dessert.” I winked at him.

He just laughed at it. But I know at the back of my mind, he’d welcomed the idea.

When my mother sees him, she welcomed him with a warm embrace and a graceful smile. She is very fond of him and so are my brother and sisters. They chat for a while. Then, he greeted my father, who is looking regal and polished, emphasizing his authority.

“Good Evening, Sir.” He smiled politely.

But surprisingly, he scowled. He fixed him a stern look and spoke. “I want to talk to you, young man. In private.”

I looked nervously to my mother’s direction for rescue. So, my mother glared at him, giving him that be-nice-to-him look. My father remains serious, his eyes mirrors disgust. We are not a perfect family. Sometimes, I even think of my family as far from ordinary. So, my father gestured him to follow, they’re heading to the verandah. I glanced at James and he’s somewhat confident, giving me that it-happens-everyday blink.

My father is overprotective of me. He never approved any man that was ever linked to me, including my imaginary boyfriends. Maybe it’s a “Fathers’ thing”. They despise any man who is trying to steal their daughter away from them, but since we’re never that close, I don’t care if he’ll approve my choice of men or not. However, this time I desperately wanted him to like James that his opinion will matter to me.

While mom is busy preparing for dinner, I sneaked out to find them. I know that it’s improper to eavesdrop, but I still succumb to sheer curiosity.

“I know all about you, young man. I don’t think that you’re right for my daughter. You’re no good for her. You have a reputation as a ladies' man. i don't know what scheme you used to lure my daughter into you. And as early as this, I want you to stay away from her. “My father’s voice is as cold as ice.

It occurred to me that my father already did his little detective thing. The rebellious side of me wanted to protest, but I stayed still.

“Sir, I’m sorry but I can’t do that.” He said these head-on.

My father’s face became grimly as a dark shadow. “I’ve never thought that you could be this difficult. What is it that you want from my daughter? You’ll just hurt her in the end. You’re just wasting your time telling her lies and promises you can’t even fulfill. Tell me, what future can—“

He cut him off. “S-sir, I love your daughter.” His words roared like thunder.

His voice resonates in my chest and made my knees trembling. If I were to read my father’s mind, here’s what he thought. “Darn. He’s better that I thought!” His expression falters and he frowns. “Go beyond words, prove it to me. But if she came to me crying, you’ll be sorry.” Then my father walked away.

I hurriedly went back to the dining room before I get caught. And while we’re eating, my mother keeps on asking questions to James. She’s like a media reporter. I hold his hand under the table and whispered to him, “Welcome to hot seat, baby.” He just smiled and answers my mother’s questions with eagerness and utmost sincerity. Aside from my Mother’s non-stop questions and my father’s not-so-good mood, the dinner went well.

After a while, I found him along the beach doing that stare-out-of-horizon technique, signifying deep thinking. I covered his eyes with my hands. He touched it with both hands. “Babe.” He muttered.

My hand slid down into his left hand and I twirled around, doing a little dance under the moonlit sky, and as he embraces me from behind, his chin rested on my right shoulder, I can feel a sense of peace…serenity.

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” I told him.

“I’m worried…and pressured. I mean, I’ll do anything to prove to them how much I love you..but it feels like I’m under probation or something, under your father’s watchful eye. I’m scared that one wrong move and I’ll lose you.” He sighed.

I reached for his face and caressed his cheeks. “You’re not going to lose me. Never. And as for my father, he’ll learn to like you eventually. Trust me.”

“Do you really think so?” he asked anxiously.

I lovingly traced his lips with my thumb finger, and kissed the corner of his lips. “I know so. Besides, I find it so difficult not to like you.” I smiled.

He smiled. Then he suddenly kisses my cheek.

“Hey, that’s a stolen one. I want it back.” I teased.

And when he tried to kiss me again, I ran off and he chased after me.

They were wrong. Fairy tales do come true.

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