A Beautiful Everlasting Wait

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There is a person, who is waiting for someone to return. However, the wait has become so long now, that even if, he knows the truth, he did not want to come out of it.

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



This story is about a Lumberjack, who stays in a village and works in a forest far away.From past several years, daily he goes to the Forest, collect some woods and returns at supper- time.

On the way to home, he sees many beautiful houses with children playing outside. It distracts him, sometimes, but still he prefers to stick to his path.
People often offer him, to stop and join them for dinner, but he politely refuses, saying,“There is someone else waiting for me at home and that person is not going to eat without me.”

And at the end he reaches his shabby looking house. He opens the door, enters inside and searches the house thoroughly. He shouts someone’s name time and again, but of no use. Then at the end, half-heartedly and silently he finishes his dinner and goes to bed, hoping for a better tomorrow. Daily, the same routine is getting repeated.

He is, in reality, waiting for someone to return. He has realized that the person is not going to return. However, now he is enjoying the wait. He is enjoying this false sense of belief, and this is what, that empowers him to work hard daily and then return to home, avidly.

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