Following My Kings Word

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Hmm, after seeing recent events, my only concern turns to the one who made us, God. So whatever appeared in my heart i put it down to words. Hope you enjoy it :)

Submitted: June 18, 2011

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Submitted: June 18, 2011



Following My Kings Word
Give him back his home
Give him back his lands
Deliver his pain elsewhere
I can see his heart shattered
Enough to burst all the remaining clouds
We would love to walk heavens gates
And he would crumble away in his patience and faith
But i do not think we are the deserving kind
Let us perish away forever in time
And our ruins shall recreate water and land
Two hands we have and two feet
Where do they wither away
Where do they meet?
Seeking peace is like a toddler
Seeking riches is a lost hope
Far from my reckless grounds i would cry
For my tears clear my kings grounds
For upon a sunburst i may see his face
Just like when it began
The smile upon his home and his ways

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