Being Prepared Let us Combat Challenges than quit

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This a short writeup and I am sure it would help you stay motivated ,

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



“Being Prepared – Let us Combat Challenges than quit “

Nov 29th 2010 ,  9  pm in the evening my Emirates flight landed Moscow . Though I was hungry , tired and completely sleepy after having travelled for close to 12 hours , I was very excited and curious !!!, the reason , my invitation letter from the client read  “Ellena from  admin team would accompany you to the hotel”. Even before I had seen her , I had formed an image about Ellena. Tall  with Black hair , brown eyes, and a pleasing smile.  The thought of meeting her was making me restless.

Within 30 mins I completed my formalities and hurried to the exit  . My eyes stuck :::::  a placard read “Prem Dayal – Welcome to Moscow ” and  as I looked up , a beautiful girl with black hair , brown eyes and a pleasing smile was NOT HOLDING  it L  , rather a strict lady somewhere in her late 40s was standing  and as she greeted  me “Good evening  Mr Dayal ,Welcome to Moscow “ , all that I could do was smile at her  while my heart cried like a  kid as if someone had stolen my favorite toy .

While we headed on our way to the hotel , I was cursing the start I had to the much awaited Moscow trip . But then as usual I always stayed  positive , the reason – my blood group is B+ve . I felt my coming days would be great and enjoyable  .But who else better than me knew ,  I was heading to one of the toughest times .  My Sinus problems had aggravated due to the spine chilling winter. I was found more on Vodkas and pain killers than ever before .  My stock of medicines which I had bought for a year was slowly getting over  . For every little thing ,I  needed to reach out a translator who would in turn translate back to English for me . Before visiting any shop , I  tried to memorize the names in Russian  like a kid who mugged up  the poems  and recited it without even knowing what it meant  . I felt scared to travel by metro as I was hardly confident  of reaching back in case of being lost.

Days passed by . but still the place seemed strange . I was slowly loosing my patience and feeling really out of place. Somehow , somewhere I was not able to connect well and felt really difficult to share. Infact , once I tried using sign language to communicate however was slapped hard  by a lady !!!.Not just that , once when I visited a salon  for a hair cut ,I had a style which forced me to wear a cap all through the day in office and even  scared me when I looked myself in the mirror.

Finally ,I called up my Dad  ,”Dad , that’s it , I am calling it off !!! .I just cannot stay here . Majority of people here do not speak English and almost everywhere , things are written in Russian and not in English “

I literally in anger said ,”I am resigning my job and coming back home “ While my mother on hearing this cried and said “Son , come back , no need to stay there “ after all mothers are mothers they always have a kind heart .My Dad heard me patiently . He heard me with all his patience and then after a minute just said

“Son, I too love you and I completely understand your situation but then do ponder on  what I say now  . While people in Russia speak majorly in Russian is not their fault. If things are written in Russian and not in English is not their fault. You cannot change people and the system there . You have to respect and appreciate that . If people speak Russian there , why can you not  sincerely put efforts to learn Russian . ? Don’t you think , it is your responsibility and not that of people there ?  Think over it and I am there with you in whatever you decide. “

I hung up the phone and pondered on what my Dad had just said. In those few lines he had taught me one of the most important lessons and that is “Be Prepared  before calling it QUITS”  . Yes , I understood that we cannot change the situation and brood on how  indifferent the situations are rather  put efforts to prepare ourselves to face the challenge better.

I immediately joined a Russian class and within few weeks , I had started to appreciate the place .

I started loving the mornings and loved walking around the city . My happiness knew no boundaries when I  could shop without being slapped and get my hair cut as I wanted without hiding my head with a cap from my friends.

Wow , what a feeling , I felt I was much better armed and prepared to face the challenges what life threw at me rather than cribbing and calling it quits.

I was motivated by those words from my father and today its been a year , my love for the people and for the city every day  has grown stronger .Friends, it is our attitude to look to a problem and find a solution rather than get perturbed by the problem.

 While the  search for my Ellena , the tall , black hair , brown eyes is still on , I am sure I am loving Moscow each dayand I am sure you too are !!!!!

Happy Reading !!!!!


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