Almost Never-Ending Heartbreak Pain

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This poem was written when I remembered the heartbreak pain I experienced when my boyfriend broke up with me.

Submitted: December 01, 2007

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



At first, we were shy and not exactly the date type people,

But confessed our love for each other, so we decided to try it.

We started out, not knowing really how to go along,

But our love was so strong that it didn’t matter.

We sat together at lunch,

Talking and laughing.

We talked on the phone,

For hours on end.

People said we were perfect for each other,

And each day we became deeper and deeper.

When it got really deep,

We came close to kissing, but never did.

After that, things fell apart and you broke my heart,

It was like glass as it shattered on the floor, *crash!*

I never really shed a tear,

But I kept it bottled up inside.

I kept wondering for months why?

What was wrong with the love we shared?

Was I not good enough anymore?

Or did you just get tired of the dating game?

I found out later why you stopped loving me,

You thought we had nothing in common.

I was surprised, because we shared a lot of the same things,

Or was it all just a lie?

I still wonder, many months later,

Was your reason really true?

We’re friends, really good ones,

But whenever I look at you,

I still feel the heartbreak pain.

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