The Forbidden Love 2: The Love That Conquers All

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

~FINISHED~ Jasmine and Jordan are back once again, except this time, their love story really will last forever: or will it? The couple will face many new challenges and hardships as they struggle to train to become the new king and queen of the vampire realm. Will they succeed and keep their relationship intact? Or will their relationship crumble in the face of hardships? Will they become king and queen, or will they give up because of the determined rebels that threaten their lives and who already ended Jasmine's parents'? Forbidden Love is back once again to tell Jasmine and Jordan's story, and the stakes are higher and more dangerous. Will their forbidden love story continue, or will it end forever? Read Forbidden Love 2: The Love That Conquers All to find out!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 POV: Jasmine It’s been a little over 6 years since I first met Jordan. Life is amazing, though there have been m... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 POV: Jasmine I walked to my room after me and Jordan had lunch. I changed into a pretty white dress with lace and fixed... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 POV: Jasmine I walked back to my room and laid down on my bed, sighing with happiness. I couldn’t sleep anymore, so a... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 POV: Jordan We entered the portal and were immediately surrounded by the swirling mass of colors. I felt my body sort o... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 POV: Jasmine I didn’t know what was going on; there was something special about me, and since I didn’t what it was,... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 POV: Jasmine I almost fainted, but Jordan caught me just in time. I smiled up at him and thanked him in a low voice tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 POV: Jasmine Today was the day that began the end of my short eighteen years of life. It was Jordan’s execution day, ... Read Chapter

This is a poem that one of my fans, Miranda, wrote for me, and since it was written for this book, I will post it here. My Lost Love,... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 POV: Jasmine I sighed as Jordan said that, but I understood his pain. My parents had been murdered by the rebels, and h... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 POV: Jordan I knew I had to escape now, I could never let Jasmine down; she was counting on me! So, I tried talking to... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 POV: Jordan Shawn and I did our best to put together a decent sized army. I didn’t know if it would be enough to def... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 POV: Jasmine I watched as they began to attack each other. They bit each other and hit each other and kicked and fough... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 POV: Jasmine When I woke up, I found myself once again in my bedroom. It was nice to know that I was home, now, w... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 POV: Jasmine (May 23) It was the morning of my wedding. Jordan came in that morning to wake me, and then went off ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 POV: Jordan That first day of school was painful. She talked to me, but knew, for the sake of her normal life, I had t... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 POV: Jordan SHE FOUND OUT!!!!! I thought to myself angrily as I listened to Jasmine’s thoughts. Well, at least ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 POV: Jordan I had left the vampire realm that night and went back to my normal life… leaving my love, my life, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 POV: Jasmine I smiled as Jordan pulled back from kissing me. He smiled back and then the crowd... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 POV: Jordan I’m worried about Jasmine. After our coronation ceremony, we separated and went to our rooms, where... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 POV: Natalie I can’t believe I’m a senior in college already! Well, I’m actually almost done with college, the f... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 POV: Jasmine I was sitting in my bedroom waiting for Natalie, when my mind began to wander. I began to think of how th... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 POV: Shawn I watched as my angel drifted to sleep. I sang a lullaby to her that my mom had sung to me when I was a bab... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 POV: Shawn I sneaked into the dark mansion. I smelt for Natalie, and realized she was in the dungeon. I ran downs... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 POV: Shawn I watched with a heavy heart and rage as I watched my one true love being carried outside by my #1 ene... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 POV: Shawn By the time I came bursting through the palace doors, her heartbeat was almost gone. I ran to my bedroom an... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 POV: Natalie It’s been a week since I woke up from my coma. Today is my wedding day! I’m marrying the one person I... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 POV: Natalie It’s been a few months since I got married to the love of my life. Everything’s going great, but ther... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 POV: Jasmine I had the best time with Natalie. It helped to get everything off my mind, but when I woke up the ne... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 POV: Jasmine It’s been about 3 days since I was taken to this forsaken place. I’ve been imprisoned in this fa... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 POV: Jasmine After I recovered from the fiasco with the vampire rebels, everything went back to normal, for the m... Read Chapter