The Forbidden Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

~FINISHED~ Forbidden Love describes the forbidden love between a vampire and a human. Fourteen-year-old Jasmine has everything a teenage girl wants: a perfect family, lots of friends, and awesome grades. There's only one thing missing: a boyfriend. But when she meets the mysterious and cute Jordan, everything changes. She gets adventure, excitement, and a boyfriend, but Jordan has a dark secret to hide. Jasmine is determined to find out what it is, but will his secret cost her her life? Forbidden Love is filled with action, excitement, and romance that will keep you reading until the last page.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 POV: Jasmine Well, time to get up, I thought to myself as I hit the button on my alarm clock as it buzzed noisily.... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 POV: Jasmine Two weeks had passed and still no notice from Jordan. I guess he probably already has a girlfriend by now.... Read Chapter

I know this chapter is kinda short, too, but as the novel continues, they get longer. Chapter 3 POV: Jasmine Oh my gosh! Jord... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 POV: Jasmine Oh my gosh! We just kissed! I thought to myself as his lips pulled back from mine. He looked me in the eye... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 POV: Jordan Well, that went better then I suspected, I thought to myself as I drew back my lips from kissing her. I rea... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 POV: Jordan Wow, she looks so beautiful, I thought to myself as I saw Jasmine walking down the hall. “Hey, Jordan... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 POV: Jasmine Wow, what was Jordan’s problem? I thought to myself as he walked away from me and down the hall.... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 POV: Jasmine Wow, Jordan lives in a mansion???!!!!! I thought to myself as I followed the Corvette into the humongous d... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 POV: Jordan Oh no! I thought to myself as my dad walked closer. “Son, what are you doing with that human?” he a... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 POV: Jasmine I woke up to find myself in a lavishly furnished room. It looked like my perfect dream room. I was in a c... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 POV: Jordan I froze when my dad said that. I saw that he was becoming impatient waiting for my response so I said quic... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 POV: Jordan Jasmine eventually fell asleep with her head still on my chest. I could tell she would really miss he... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 POV: Jasmine I woke up in Jordan’s arms. As my eyelids fluttered open, Jordan smiled dow... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 POV: Jasmine I woke up to find myself in a damp, dark jail cell. I was laying on a hard wood table that served as... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 POV: Jordan I found myself a pretty decent apartment in Quebec. It has been 3 weeks since I ran away, and I’m r... Read Chapter

Sorry this took so long to post, but I've been really busy these past couple weeks what with school and homework. I've barely had enough ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 POV: Jasmine (3 years later) It’s been 3 years since I first met Jordan. The 1st day of our senior year of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 POV: Jordan I can’t believe it’s the 1st day of me and Jasmine’s senior year! It’s been 3 years since I f... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 POV: Jordan Great! My ex-girlfriend is now out to destroy my life! I’m really scared though, because who knows what ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 POV: Jasmine (8 months later) Our senior year has been great so far, and I’m sad that it’s almos... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 POV: Jordan I had walked out my bedroom around 11:00 this morning, when I realized something was wrong, because o... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 POV: Jasmine To my horror, every minute that Jennifer forced me to look at her made the hatred for Jordan inside ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 POV: Jasmine Sadly, it’s Friday afternoon. I’m in bedroom getting ready for pr... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 POV: Jasmine Me and Jordan danced and danced the whole night. At midnight, the principal walked up to the microph... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 POV: Jordan Great! Jennifer is once again out to ruin my life and she just threatened to kill Jasmine! It’s rea... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 POV: Jasmine We walked inside the portal, and it felt really weird. It felt like my whole body was being pulled apart ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 POV: Jordan After Jasmine was forcefully yanked from my hands in the dark ballroom, my fears were heightened. I knew w... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 POV: Jordan I kept on, but finally deciding that maybe it was best to take a break, since my senses were getting tired... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 POV: Jasmine Jennifer was almost done pampering herself, which meant that my death was imminent. I sighed and pictured... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 POV: Jasmine Jennifer’s fangs pierced my skin on my neck, and I screamed; the pain was so intense. I was in intense ... Read Chapter