True Beauty

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This poem tells the true meaning of inner beauty and all the characteristics of a person who has it.

Submitted: December 28, 2007

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Submitted: December 28, 2007



True beauty is not just being pretty,

It means a lot more than just that.

It means inner beauty,

Maybe not pretty on the outside, but on the inside.



True beauty means you have a heart of gold,

You help others in any way you can.

You lift someone’s spirit when they’re down,

And you help them through tough times.



True beauty means you don’t think about yourself,

You are constantly thinking about others.

You put others before yourself,

Making them more important than you.



True beauty means you love God,

And serve Him day to day.

Your faith is strong in God,

Never wavering.



True beauty means you are honest,

Never lying or cheating.

Our sin makes that hard,

But if you’re truly a woman of God, then it’s not hard.



True beauty means you are brave,

Brave like Queen Esther of the Bible.

She risked her life to save her people,

Never thinking once about herself.


 True beauty is doing things out of your way for others,

Like Ruth of the Bible.

Ruth left her family to go with Naomi to a different place,

Leaving all she knew and loved behind,

But she did it so Naomi wouldn’t be alone.



All these characteristics are ones of a person with true beauty,

Now you know what inner beauty really is.

Hopefully you have most of these characteristics,

And have inner beauty.


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