What A Friendship Is All About

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A friendship is about more than just being friends. This poem describes what a friendship is really about.

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007





Friendship isn’t about just being friends,

It is about way more than that.

A friendship can’t be bought,

It can’t be earned or given.



A friendship is about trust,

And being there for each other.

It’s about love, secrets,

And fun as you become closer friends.


Some people think of friendships as something bought,

But you can’t buy a true friendship.

A true friendship is when you trust you friend,

And never abandon each other.



Friends should always be there for each other,

Especially when one of them is going through a tough time.

Friends go shopping, see movies, and do many things together,

Which bring them closer by the day.



As they become closer and closer,

Friends do even more things.

They have sleepovers with each other,

And share deep secrets they wouldn’t tell to anyone else.



So, you see, friendships are worth a lot,

They are filled with ups and downs, like life.

But real strong friendships can endure anything,

Anything that life throws at them.


Remember, if you have a true friendship,

Cherish it more than most anything.

Because you can’t always find a true friendship,

They come only once in a while.





























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