Why I Met You....*horrific event*

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An Encounter With OddBall Friend, Aisha, a day to regret on ends...
a night to remember *cliche*

Note From Aisha: Shes Only Half Kidding.

Submitted: January 04, 2010

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Submitted: January 04, 2010



This is a conversation between a Aisha and a Fatima
Aisha: heya.
Fatima: oh *feigns fake surprise* ooh, yeah Aisha lo-ong time!
Aisha: oh, Fatima, I so missed you!! *jumps up and hugs her*
Fatima: * momentarily surprised, regains posture* uh uh, me too...
Ramla comes in the background, takes one long look at Aisha, snorts and scurries away...
Fatima: *embarrassed for Aisha* uh...*blank mind* soo, how was your hols??
Aisha: *surprised and excited someone asked her* ooh, Fatima it was great as usual, me and bob, strolling round the park, you KNOW THE usual...
Fatima:*horrified at the fact she asked* hey Aisha...*what shall i say?* I got to go see my...uh mum...she went...oh...She’s having a baby...Sorry I didn’t tell you*smiles fakely*so I got to go
Fatima runs out of the scene
Aisha:*shouts across the room* we will continue about bobs social live in the near future okay!!
Fatima surprised ran and cursed herself for meeting her and making a conversation
<...._* now now reader if you have a similar friend, mail me on: minofarah@hotmail.co.uk*_....>
Now here’s a small quiz:
Your friend is one of the weirdest people you met, and your friends despise her, so when she invites you to tea do you:
A) Go, who cares man, she’s a human being, my friends don’t order me about
B) Omg!!! What to do? Shall I go or not
C) I’ll just go, tell my friends am at home or what
Your ‘weird’ friend keeps talking about her imaginary friend, you are fed up, but people still enjoy the joke, do you:
A) Tell her to shut up or else
B) Keep quiet, is she’s embarrassing herself anyway
C) Tell her quietly, in a the politest way
Now, you see what we put up with... hahaha...did I say I befriended one...? Oops...let’s just keep quite... heheh *sighs sadly*


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